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Kroger Grocery Chain Expands to Miami with Delivery

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Kroger began offering Kroger Delivery in Florida earlier this year, and will soon expand to Miami.

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It’s official: Kroger, one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers, is coming to South Florida — with a twist.

The grocery chain will enter the Miami market without retail stores or human grocery packages.

Instead, customers will soon be able to order from a grocer via Kroger Delivery, in what has become part of the company’s ongoing expansion of automated fulfillment centers.

The Cincinnati chain, founded in 1838, is One of the largest grocery companies in the United StatesLtd., with more than 20 brands operating 2,800 stores in 35 states.

The move to Florida builds on aggressive growth tactics for Kroger’s new delivery service and marks the introduction of two automated fulfillment centers, facilitated with the help of the UK-based technology company, okado group, which uses AI and robotics learning to deliver fast and affordable delivery.

Kroger Delivery is also set to launch in the Northeast and expand operations in California, with locations in Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona to follow. The company launched in Central Florida earlier this year. South Florida’s plan includes adding two smaller fulfillment facilities that will join existing centers in Groveland, Jacksonville and Tampa.

The South Florida service area and launch date have not been determined, says Andrea Colby, a Kroger spokesperson the new era.

“Kroger entered the Florida market earlier this year with our e-commerce model,” Colby says. “South Florida residents can expect a shopping service that offers a variety of fresh foods and homeware at affordable prices delivered easily to their doorstep.”

When the service expands to Miami, customers will be able to visit Krogers website or use Kroger App to submit requests.

Click to enlarge Kroger uses technology created by the Ocado Group, which enables a fully automated, semi-automated fulfillment center.  - Image courtesy of Kruger

Kroger uses technology created by the Ocado Group, which enables a fully automated, semi-automated fulfillment center.

Image courtesy of Kroger

In 2018, Kroger and Ocado formed an exclusive partnership to introduce proprietary technology that leverages artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation to create more efficient grocery pick-up and delivery services.

In South Florida, a micro-location fulfillment center will be the first of its kind, offering automated services that also allow for roadside pickup, which can serve customers in less than 30 minutes with a selection of 10,000 fresh food and essentials, or make the same orders Today or next day for over 35,000 items.

Inside the highly automated centers, more than 1,000 robots will move around giant 3D grids, which are organized by Ocado’s air traffic control system. The network, known as a “cell”, contains hundreds of containers where products are placed to fill orders.

Completed orders are loaded into temperature-controlled Kroger Delivery trucks, each of which can accommodate up to 20 orders. The facilities are equipped to meet thousands of requests every day.

However, not everything is automated. On-site workers – up to 400 employees in larger fulfillment centers – support deliveries and help process, package and load orders. Roles focus on customer service and engagement, engineering, operations, inventory, quality management, and transportation.

To view available jobs coming to South Florida, visit jobs.kroger.com.


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