KPIX Reporters Remember Murdered Security Guard Kevin Nishita; “Just the Kindest Man” – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – Kevin Nishita has made a difference in a lot of people’s lives – as a police officer, security guard, family man, and friend.

He dedicated his life for the safety and well-being of others, including the KPIX news team and other Bay Area TV stations.

“He’s been part of our news family. The loss is just massive,” KPIX reporter Maria Sid Medina said on Saturday.

“It hurts to say, ‘He was.’ He was just a nice guy,” said KPIX correspondent Andrea Borba.

Kevin Nishita

Kevin Nishita, a retired police officer working as a security guard, died early Saturday morning from injuries sustained during an attempted robbery and shooting on Wednesday.

nishita He passed away on Saturday morning after, after Shot on Wednesday during an attempted armed robbery. He was working as a security guard for the KRON-TV news team at a location in Auckland at the time.

Journalists from every news operation broadcast in the city shared their reactions on social media, offering condolences and heartfelt wishes.

“The entire TV market is feeling the loss — in San Francisco and in the Bay Area,” Syed Medina said.

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Here in the Bay Area, local news crews often work with security guards while they’re on assignment so that journalists and photographers get to know the guards well.

“The security guards are standing next to us every minute we tell a story,” said Mr. Medina.

Cid Medina says that Nishita was always playing a security guard but he was also very nice. One night after they worked together, he texted her, “Your story turned out great! I give it five stars.”

“He was really unique, and he was really a caring person,” she said.

Borba also appreciated Nishita’s kindness.

“Kevin was very nice,” she said. “Reactions on Twitter and Facebook today from Bay Area news reporters – we’re all in shock.”

I recently worked on a long shift with Nishita. At the end of the night, she was planning to take the train home but Nishita pleaded with her to let him drive her home to make sure she got there safely.

“Kevin stopped me and said, I can’t let you. It’s not safe for you to be on the train. Let me take you home, please. My wife would be very upset with me if I let you get on this train. So, he drove. an hour of his way. He said.” Borba: “I missed some Bay Bridge traffic because of this.” “This guy cares so much about our safety, he drove an hour out of his way to make sure I got home. It hurts that he didn’t make it home.”

A good soul, someone who feels lucky to call a co-worker and friend.

“He wanted to make sure people were always okay. He wanted to make sure we were all taken care of,” Borba said. “He wanted to make sure the people we were interviewing were taken care of by putting up an umbrella when it rains so they don’t get wet. That’s the kind of gentle human being.”

Kevin Nishita

Former Colma Police Officer Kevin Nishita. Nishita, a retired police officer and armed guard who provided security for several reporters in the area, was fatally shot while trying to steal KRON TV camera equipment in Auckland (Kolma Police Department via AP)

Prior to working as a security guard, Nishita had a long career in law enforcement. He spent several years working as an officer with the Oakland Housing Authority, then transferred to the Hayward Police Department, San Jose Police Department, and Colma Police Department, where he retired as a sergeant in 2018.

There is a growing reward for information leading to an arrest. Persons with any information that could assist the investigation are urged to contact the Oakland Police Homicide Division at (510) 238-3821, or CrimeStoppers.


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