Koo: ‘Apple Watch Series 8’ can integrate the temperature measurement feature.

Although Apple has not yet announced the expected “Apple Watch Series 7” and the new AirPods model, analysts are predicting Ming Chi that both devices will be proud of new health management features in 2022. ۔

Koo briefly mentioned the “Apple Watch 8” to investors in Friday’s note, which covers the expected mass production timeline for the “Apple Watch Series 7”. According to analysts, Apple’s wearable 2022 version will include advanced health management features such as temperature measurement.

The patent filing reveals that Apple has been researching temperature sensing features for the Apple Watch since at least 2019, although such functionality has not yet appeared on the shipping device. Displays current IP measurement solutions that touch the user’s skin, while other proposed systems receive non-contact readings.

The current Apple Watch Series 6 is already shining with health technology, ranging from heart rate and blood oxygen saturation sensors to an ECG, but an increase in temperature monitoring would be a welcome data point that would increase the intensity of exercise. And can increase the calculation limit, including daily calories. burn

Koo is down in its forecasts for AirPods, suggesting that it will “provide health management functions” within two years. He also expects Apple to replace the product, perhaps as a health management tool. Analysts had previously predicted that AirPods would play a healthier role in Apple’s product lineup in 2018.


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