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Kodak Black Trends on Twitter after a new video surfaced of him dancing with his mom

Over the weekend, Kodak Black fans caught a glimpse of the rapper in family mode. video for him dancing with his mother In what appears to be a party that has made its rounds on social media. The clip, which lasted a few minutes, brought a collective sigh of relief. Just last week, Kodak upset followers after sharing a cryptic message on Twitter about loneliness and depression. Now, that same clip has sparked discussions on Twitter as people decide whether he behaved appropriately during the mother’s interaction with the son.

As I mentioned earlier, Kodak He explained his tweets on Thursday Saturday evening via a lengthy Instagram post. He reassured fans that he is not considering suicide, despite the darkness he felt in his tweets. He also approved his support system.

“Thanks to everyone who was interested and the calls and texts as I understand you made a bold statement but don’t worry I’m not suicidal and have no plans to harm myself,” Kodak wrote. “I’ve had a great support system and it’s right around me, someone put a false rumor in my head and it pushed me to the edge that I can’t tell but I’m fine overall!”

With the weekend slippery, the mother-son moment circulated on Sunday brought more reassurance about Kodak’s well-being.

Why is Kodak popular

But by late Monday evening, the atmosphere around the clip had changed. It re-emerged and gained momentum thanks to a few media outlets, Including XXL magazine, who blew up an excerpt from the video. The focus soon turned to some scenes where Kodak is seen groping his mother’s butt and trying to kiss her on the lips several times.

Given the intimate, suggestive nature of the mother-son interaction, people on Twitter called a two-sided discussion. Some defended his actions, while others felt differently.

What is Twitter saying?

Twitter user @therealgemini spoke out for Kodak’s tweet “This guy loves his mom.” @BarbieBr0wn stood on the fence and wrote “Hud, I’ll be up for my mom too.”

Meanwhile, other users expressed different reactions. shweet_Tee wrote “Kodak Black collecting his mother not sitting with me properly. No explanation so I am willing to hear it.” @YoshuaDetervil1 shared the same sentiment when he tweeted “Nah Kodak Black outta pocket for this brother.”

Check out the popular clip below:

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