Klippash launches its first Dolby Atoms soundbars

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Klippash launches its first Dolby Atoms soundbars


Kalpash has just launched its first Dolby Atoms sound bar. Cinema 1200 and Cinema 800. The new speaker includes an 8K HDMI pass box, smart assistant support, wood paneling, and of course, eye-catching price tags.

We first caught the Kalpash Dolby Atmos sound bar in the air at CES 2019, but this product (called Bar 54A) never came to life. That said, the new cinema seems to be built on the features and design of the 1200 and 800 bar 54A. They are similar to the Cinema 600 and 400 sound bars released earlier this year.

The Cinema 1200 and Cinema 800 are both Wi-Fi connected in collaboration with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Spotify Connect. These include Dolby Atmos encoding, HDMI-eARC ports for 8K video playback with Dolby Vision, and two additional HDMI ports for external devices.

Although, of course, the sound bars are not the same. The Cinema 1200 is larger than the Cinema 800 and includes a pair of wireless surround speakers. Also, the Cinema 800 does not offer real Dolby Atmos playback, as it does not come with a high-end speaker (but you can combine it with the Clipsh Surround 3 speaker).

  • Clips Cinema 1200 Sound Bar (1,500)
    • 5.1.4 channel system (1,200 watts)
    • 54 inch sound bar
    • 12 inch wireless subwoofer
    • Two wireless surround speakers
  • Clip Cinema 800 Sound Bar (bar 800)
    • 3.1 channel speaker system
    • 48 inch sound bar
    • 10 inch wireless subwoofer
    • Pair with around 3 speakers

You can order Kalpish Cinema 1200 or 800 on the company’s web store. If you don’t need Dolby Atoms help, consider buying cheap Cinema 600 and 400 sound bars, or read our review for our 150View sound bar.

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