Kitchen Point of Sale (POS) system user manual for Open Cart

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Kitchen Point of Sale (POS) system user manual for Open Cart


Kitchen POS System User Manual for Open Cart: Using the Kitchen Point of Sale system, the administrator can configure the background image as well as the dimensions (background image size) for the POS panel login page. This POS system even allows the administrator to customize the color of the POS panel layout as needed. An opening amount cash drawer is also included for position agents. Now using this POS system, the Posit Agent can also distribute the payment to this user if a customer wants to make some payment in cash and the rest through the card.

Note: for the Kitchen POS System User Manual for Open Cart Please refer to Open cart point of sale (POS) Module

Features of Kitchen POS system for open cart

  • Admin can customize POS panel layout color.
  • Admin can configure background image of POS panel login page.
  • An administrator can set the direction for the background image of the POS login page.
  • Open cash is available for cash POS agents.
  • POS agents can slip the customer’s payment in this case when the customer makes some payment with the card and rests with the cash.


OpenCart POS system module installation is very easy. All you need to do is move the admin, catalog, icon, system, wkpos, and pos_sw.js folders to the OpenCart root folder or upload them.

After transferring the folders, use the extension installer to upload the XML file – wkpos.ocmod.xML which you will find in the Ocadam folder.

Note –

  • For version, you need to upload the acdom module
  • For version 2.3.xx, you must upload ocmod– wkpos.ocmod.xml.
Open Cart Point of Sale (POS) - Extension Installer

Go to post after uploading file Extensions > Edit Then click on the refresh field.

Open Cart Point of Sale (POS) - Edit

User group

Then go to the admin panel System -> Consumers -> User group Edit again ‘AdministratorThen select to select all for both access and then edit permission to save it.

Open cart point of sale (POS) system

So, post under it Expansion > Module, You can install or uninstall modules and edit modules.


Module configuration

After successful installation of the POS system module, the administrator will see the POS System tab where the admin can manage the POS system.

Admin can create modules by navigating Extensions> Modules> Point of Sale (POS) system Under the Extensions tab.

Kitchen Point

The administrator can easily change the status of the POS system. Also, administrators can select the store from the Stores field as shown in the picture above.

General settings

In General Settings, the administrator will manage the following fields.

  • Store Region / State: The administrator will select the region / state for the POS system.
  • Heading on login: The admin will enter the main heading for the login page.
  • Subtitle on login: The admin will enter the secondary title of the login page.
  • Number of famous products: The administrator will enter the maximum number of visible products under the Popular Products section in the POS.
  • Quantity for low stock alert: Admin will enter maximum quantity of product to display low stock warning.
  • Show entire product quantity online: Can be set as this field Yes Or no.
  • Yes: If the field is set to Yes, then the full amount will be assigned to the online store. This means that the user can order the entire quantity available online from the online store.
  • no: In this case, the administrator will manually assign some amount to the POS and the remaining amount will be assigned to the online store. For example, if the admin has 100 units of Product 1, the admin has assigned 80 units to Outlet 1 KPOS, then only 20 units will be available at the online store.
  • Show zero quantity products in POS panel:
  • Yes: In this case, the zero quantity product will also appear in the POS panel along with other products.
  • no: In this case, the product with zero quantity will not appear on the POS panel.
  • Send order email to sales agent: The administrator will configure it Yes In case the order will send the email to the sales agent, set otherwise no Failure to share any order mail with the sales agent.

Color of PWA manifesto and POS layout

I Color of PWA manifesto and POS layout The administrator will implement settings for the color configuration of PWA and POS.

Kitchen Point-1

Admin can explain here.


  • Name- The administrator can enter the name of the application as he wishes to represent the application.

However, the administrator here can represent the application name in multiple languages. It depends on the default language setting of OpenCart.

  • short name- This name appears when an application shortcut occurs.
  • Icon- The application launcher icon has been added here.
  • Splash background chlor- The color of the splash screen (application’s introductory screen) is set here.


  • Left panel background color – The sales agent will set the background color of the left panel.
  • Left panel text color – The admin will specify the color of the text in the left panel according to the background.
  • Top panel background color – The admin will set the background color of the top panel.

POS system (front end) POS user management

The user can easily login In the POS system Using (front end) Username And Password Made by admin.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_routechchainpos_caketinpos webcol store

After successful login, POS user (sales agent) will be redirected to POS system (front end) where POS user can check all categories, products and panels.

Cash drawers: The exchange cable is connected to the provided cash drawer and receipt printer. It can be placed over the counter and assisted with a monitor, receipt printer, or any other point-of-sale sale.

Cass Draw

Also, the POS user can manage account information and view the order list (a list of orders prepared by sales agents).

OpenCartDemo.webcol.com_pos Kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechChenPos_KiketinPos Webcol Store-1

According to the icon below, the administrator can view the order date, cash drawer, product list refresh, etc.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechchainposs_cactonpos webcol store-2

Add to cart

Similarly, upon tapping the Add to Two button, the product will add to the cart with the latest price according to the product size as shown in the image below.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechchainpose_cactonpose webcol store-1

To add quantity, the administrator can click on the quantity on the left, enter the number and click on Go.


By clicking on the cash drawer, you can see the initial balance as shown in the image below.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechchainposs_cactonpos webcol store-3

check this out

When the POS user (sales agent) clicks on PresetTo check this out The tab will then open a checkout panel where the POS user can select the payment method and accept payment for the particular order or the user can place the order and complete it later.

Full payment can be made using either at the same time Option to pay cash, card and distribution Available.

OpenCartDemo.webcol.com_pos Kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotectionpos_caketinpos Webcol Store-4

From here you can choose any form of payment. In the split payment option, you can split the payment.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechchainpos_cactonpos webcol store-5

Order date

Here, you can check the order date according to the image below.

opencartdemo.webkul.com_pos-kitchen-27-63-132-228-demo_index.pp_rotechchainpose_cactonpose webcol store-6

For any questions or doubts, please Helpdesk system

Current Product Version –

Supported Framework Versions – OpenCart,,

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