Kinship and prayer at Balboa Park as prisoners of war return to the American Indian Health Center

Kumaii tribe members dance at a rally in San Diego in 2019. Photo by Chris Stone

The San Diego American Indian Health Center free hosting Balboa Park Bow Wow Saturday and Sunday at the corner of Park Boulevard and President’s Rd.

This year, the event, featuring various tribes, teams and communities, will honor Late actor Saginaw Grant For his leadership and contributions to the American Indian community.

Pow Wows are traditional spiritual and cultural events that celebrate traditions and pass them on from generation to generation. They also provide a spiritual experience for American Indians and time to learn about seniors and grandparents, while raising cultural awareness within the greater San Diego community.

“Pow Wows are gatherings of Amerindian Americans/Alaska Natives to celebrate and perpetuate their beautiful traditions of drumming, singing, dancing, prayer and kinship. Senior Community Leader and Leader, who will serve as event director, said Randy Edmonds, who will serve as event moderator,” said Randy Edmonds, Senior Community Leader and Leader, who will serve as event moderator.

Each day begins at 10 a.m. paying homage to the Kumayi people, whose homelands include Balboa Park, with bird songs, followed by gourd dancing, intertribal dancing, and tributes.

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