“King Richard” brings the American dream back to the Oscars

Will Smith buries his natural charisma, and youthful looks, under a blanket of mustaches to star in “King Richard.”

It must be Oscar season!

Yes, resumes increase one’s odds of winning glory season awards, something Smith hadn’t thought of last year.”bad boys for life. “

Now, Smith plays the father of Venus and Serena Williams, in serious actor status. However, “King Richard” does not follow the book’s Taste of the Oscars. It wins but isn’t cute and detailed but not as much as regular moviegoers lose.

In short, it’s an awards season drama that plays to everyone, and despite its flaws, it deserves respect on both fronts.

Smith plays Richard Williams, a man who devises a massive plan to turn his young daughters into superstar tennis.

It’s more difficult than it seems.

First, he makes sure young Venus and Serena (Sanya Sidney and Demi Singleton) train non-stop, rain or sunny. They cannot neglect their homework, nor the essential elements of childhood.


Next, he calls in a professional tennis coach (Tony Goldwyn) to teach them, but only according to his set rules.

This trip, although we already know how great it turned out… for a while. Little Venus is so good, so powerful, that her tennis games become predictable.

So the focus is back on her little door.

Smith’s performance is exactly what you’d expect, and that’s no insult. He has lost himself in Richard Williams, a proud man who refuses to allow hardships big or small to spoil his plans. However, the Richard Williams we meet in the first half of the movie is hardly the spirit that appears in the rest of the movie.

“King Richard” strips away so many of his flaws, for a while, that when he begins to interrupt what should be a straight path to stardom, he proves to be annoying.

Do you need an example? Richard 1.0 will not pass the glorious winds in front of anyone, let alone men who can help Venus make her dreams come true.

Or to be more precise, their dreams.

Among the best moments in the film is the girl’s mother, who was played by the sexy Aunjanue Ellis. She doesn’t blindly accept Richard’s unconventional parenting, and their initial fights take a dark and unsettling turn later in the film. It’s another “King Richard” transition that doesn’t quite prepare us, but when those moments come it’s very satisfying.

Smith and Ellis, bow down.

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Young Venus’ professional ascent gets the biggest close-up, but we rarely see what makes her tick. She’s strong and confident, sure, but where’s the teenage girl hiding under the emerging phenomenon? Sidney puts in an awful physical performance, but she deserves a scene or two to show off her personality and her warts and everything.

She is a teenager, and they rarely arrive without flaws.

Still, “King Richard” takes off, filled with colorful characters like tennis coach John Berthal. She tries to tell Richard that his path is not right.

Good luck and God bless you.

The scenario hits some predictable detours associated with the race, and is handled mostly with restraint. Even more surprising, even shocking, is how deeply conservative the story is.

hard work. Accelerates. Faith. family. insistence.

These smart and persistent girls are far from being victims, even when they bump into the world of white lily tennis. “King Richard” never ignores this message, nor does he do anything to deny the obvious.

Venus and Serena Williams followed their father’s scheme and the scheme of the All-American Dream. Their victories are worthy of an inspiring biopic like “King Richard”.

hello or miss: “King Richard” makes a few mistakes, but is all at once very entertaining and deeply conservative.

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