King County begins mailing ballots for the general election in November. This is what voters need to know

King County Voters will want to keep an eye on their mailbox this week, as ballot papers and voter brochures for the November 2 election were officially mailed on Wednesday.

After the primary election results were Certified in August, voters will now decide the future of city and county leadership, including races for positions such as Seattle mayor, county executive, county council and Seattle city attorney. Voters can see what’s on the ballot Here.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry – there’s still time to register and get your ballot before the deadline to make sure your voice is heard. Form important dates for what to do if you didn’t receive your ballot, here’s everything voters need to know about the upcoming general election.

Can I still register? What is the last day to register?

October 25 marks the last day of direct subscription Or by mail for the election. However, you can still register in person at King County Election Office In Renton or in A Voting Center Until 8 pm on election day.

How do I get my voice back?

There are three ways to submit a ballot and cast your vote: by the ballot box, by mail, or in person at the polling station.

If you are returning your ballot to the drop box, it must be submitted by 8 p.m. on Election Day to be counted. There may be streaks of last minute voters, so plan ahead. Could be the nearest dropbox location found here.

Voters can also return their ballots by mail, but they must be postmarked by November 2. To ensure that it is postmarked in a timely manner, it is recommended to return it no later than the Friday before the election. A postage stamp is not required to return your ballot by mail.

Voters who need additional help completing polling can also go to one of the six district polling stations. Face coverings are required at centers. Voters with disabilities can also use the district Online polling software To mark their ballot paper on a computer, print it out and return it by mail or return to the drop box.

Cast ballots are sealed in plastic containers as they are collected outside Schmitz Hall at the University of Washington, Tuesday, November 8, 2016.Hindsley Scholarships / SEATTLEPI.COM

When is the polling date?

Here is a summary of the dates to remember:

October 14Polls are open in King County.

October 18All voters must receive their ballot papers by mail.

October 25: Last day to register online or by mail.

November 2: Election day. Ballots must be postmarked or mailed to the polls by 8 p.m. on the last day to vote in person at the county voting center.

What if I don’t get my vote?

If you are a registered county voter and have not received your ballot in the mail by October 18, call Elections King County at 8683-296-206.

How can I track my ballot?

View your registration information and keep track of your poll Here.

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