HomeKim Janney describes Dorchester School’s attack on principal as ‘really worrying’

Kim Janney describes Dorchester School’s attack on principal as ‘really worrying’

Acting Mayor Kim Jane described the assault by a 16-year-old student of a Dorchester high school principal as “really alarming,” but said she did not see the attack as part of a broader trend.

“It is really worrying that our school staff cannot come to school and be safe. We are doing everything we can to support our school staff, especially the principal, teachers and students who witnessed this violence. We do not tolerate any violence in our schools,” she said outside a press conference.

School Principal, Dr. William W. , Wednesday. Another employee was also injured.

When asked if this was part of a broader trend of violence in Boston public schools, Janie denied it, and said that school staff and resources need to continue to address student trauma, which she said is “often the root cause of violence in our schools.”

She added that families need resources for support and trauma intervention as well.

When asked if there are school resource officers stationed at the school, Janie said, “I don’t think the school had school police to begin with.”

Jani said she is focusing on supporting school staff, students and families to “recover” from the event. The upper school campus was closed Thursday and will reopen Friday, with student support staff in place.

The 16-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene and appeared in Dorchester Juvenile Court Thursday on charges of assault and battery on a person over the age of 60 and assault and battery causing serious injury and two counts of assault and battery on a public servant. Juvenile Court proceedings are closed to the public.

“This incident is worrying and totally unacceptable,” Superintendent Brenda Kasilius said in a statement. “We want to be clear: Violence of any kind is not and will not be tolerated in Boston Public Schools.”

And Mary-Kate Lampron, daughter of Lampron, made the following statement on Facebook:

Today, our mother, Patricia Lampron, was violently assaulted at school and seriously injured by a student. She was taken to hospital by ambulance where she is being evaluated and treated for her injuries. Anyone who knows her knows how much she loves this school, its students, and the Henderson School community. Our primary concern is their health and safety. She will need time and support to recover from her injuries. We expect a full investigation into the circumstances of the assault to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and teachers in the Henderson School community. She wants everyone to know that there is no place for violence in our schools.

The school’s website describes it as serving students “of diverse ethnic and language backgrounds and abilities” and a “inclusive school” where students of all abilities learn in classrooms together.