Kenosha protests: Denver attorney representing Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz against Kyle Rittenhouse

DENVER (KDVR) – A Denver attorney is representing two of the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse during the 2020 protests against police violence and racial injustice.

Rittenhouse is accused of shooting three people, killing two of them, during an August 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Milo Schwab represents the property of Joseph Rosenbaum, whom officials say Rittenhouse was killed that night, and Gage Groskreutz, who officials say Rittenhouse injured. Schwab is based in Denver but plans to fly to Wisconsin on Tuesday.

“For Gage, the chance to take the podium is his chance to tell the world what he saw that night,” Schwab said.

He added that this issue will determine a lot, not only for Rittenhouse but for the future of peaceful protests.

“Can you, as an individual or as a group, come to a mass demonstration with an AR-15 and create the conditions or help create the conditions of fear, excitement, or horror and then use that as an excuse? Use this as a self-defense rationale for your fear?” Schwab said.

Schwab is seeking justice, something many protesters also sought in the summer of 2020.

“I want 12 impartial jurors to go through all the evidence without emotion, hear all the testimony and come to their decision,” Schwab said.

There is controversy in the courtroom already, as the judge in the case decided that lawyers should not use the word “victim” to describe those who were shot and killed or injured.

“In Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon for judges to prevent a victim from being used in a criminal case,” Schwab explained, adding, “To a large extent, I think that’s fair. I really, [but] Gaige Grosskreutz was the victim. Anthony Hopper was a victim. Joseph Rosenbaum, was a victim. Whether Kyle Rittenhouse made them victims, that’s what this trial is about.”


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