Kenny wants to sell you a $ 200 music gadget – tech crunch.

Kanye (or “This, As It Was”) is in full swing promoting her upcoming tenth studio album “Donda” (named after her late mother, Donda West). In July, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans I had a big listening party (where he also lived in a locker room). For the upcoming listening party in his native Chicago, meanwhile, the rapper was rebuilding his childhood home in Soldier Field. Is.

He also sees the upcoming LP West launching a 200 200 music gadget called Steam Player under its EasyTech brand. The product is designed to separate stems – specific elements such as sound, bass, patterns and drums. It can add effects and remix the song elements according to the site.

This device is reportedly pre-loaded with a copy of the new record. A general questionnaire on the site adds helpfully, however, while the product is being released in conjunction with “Donda”, it can be used for other music as well.

Image Credit: Kenny West

Interestingly, the device was developed in collaboration with London-based startup Kano, which is known for a wide variety of STEM products. The company makes educational tools so that children can learn things like programming. In 2019, Kono struggled with dismissal, despite the release of Disney branded devices.

The company seems to have found an interesting part of life here, and the product even credits Cano with the Yeezy Tech x Kano branding on the back of the exterior of its silicone skin.

West checked the device (or its predecessor) in an interview around his previous album “Jesus Eyes King” in 2019. At the time, the design was partnered with firm Teenage Engineering. West told Zen Lou at the time, “This portable Steam player that we designed with Teenage Engineering for this album and earlier albums, Gospel. To spread. “

The product is ready for delivery this summer.

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