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Keniva Website Builder Overview | Tech reader

We’ve explored Conova Video, a while back in Conva’s video editing, an interesting and unusual way to create and share videos online, but do you believe that this highly versatile company can also create a website? Offers? Well, they do, and we’ll find out in detail here.

Kenova’s website builder service begins with the selection of templates (Image credit: Canoe)

getting started

To use Kenova, you need to create an account, but all you need is your name and an email address to set up. After logging in, go to the website creation section of Kenova’s website and you will be presented with 162 templates, which you can limit by their primary color, not by category. It’s a bit unusual, but it seems like it’s your only option, apart from scrolling through it all. You should also choose to start with a blank website, if you prefer.

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