Kehlani shuts down rumors of beef between her and the city girls celebrity news

Turn it off! Last night was the 2021 Met Gala, and that’s all there is to talk about on the internet. As celebrities and their entourage continue to post more snaps from after parties, it seems people aren’t impressed with the fashion that has taken over social media. Unfortunately, the malice being served wasn’t all that people focused on.

Video with extension Kehlani City Girls from last night surfaced today and some people were wondering what really happened. We know that some things can become out of proportion online, and this video is an example of what happens when people make assumptions. People are starting to assume that the artists were excited by the actions in the less than ten-second video. In the clip, Kehlani and the City Girls are captured on a red carpet walking close to each other. JT waved and continued to walk off the carpet with Young Miami behind her while Kehlani entered the carpet.

People on Twitter started talking about “beef.” One person tweeted, “I love the City Girls, but lemme found out they’re getting tough with Kehlani and cutting — right away.” Another tweeted, “Kehlani doesn’t like city girls.” Kehlani must have caught a wind of what was going on on the internet, and last night she commented on the fan page, “The Price is Up” for an air purifier. The Oakland native wrote, “Ahahaha, we said to each other and we said each other looks good. This was just a dumb angle. Lmao, we love each other.”

It looks like JT responded last night when the video was initially posted. “People are so weird,” she wrote on Twitter. However, Miami did not talk about this topic. As people kept talking about fake beef, Kelani’s name spread on the internet, as people focused on her music. Today, she announced the release of her upcoming album, Blue Water Road, this winter.

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