Keep 301 redirects in place for one year

Google responds by saying how long the 301 redirect should be maintained after the site has been moved, stating that the year is at least the recommended time.

Why a year?

Because it takes Google a while to process a major change, such as a site transfer.

If the redirects have been in place for less than a year, Google may not crawl the links enough times to recognize that the site has been permanently moved.

This topic has been featured in the latest episode of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube.

How long should I keep redirecting to the site?

Google’s search advocate John MŲ±ller first answered the question. 301 redirect Are right to use in this case.


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There are two main types of redirects that people use on websites: 301s and 302s.

Gives Google a 301 redirect signal that a page has been moved. PermanentlyWhile 302 redirect signals a Temporary Move page.

Site migration is a permanent change, so 301 is the appropriate redirect to use in this case.


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Given that the web is constantly evolving, you may be wondering if permanence really means permanence.

Mueller says:

“At Google we try to reprocess all pages at least every few months. Most pages are checked more often. However, the amount of crawling is limited and there are many pages we want to crawl. Yes, that’s why we have to give priority.

When the URL changes, our systems need to see the change in redirect form at least a few times to record that change.

To ensure that the redirect has been viewed a few times, we recommend that you keep the redirect for at least one year.

In terms of site mobility, it’s not as easy as redirecting an old domain to a new one.

You will need to set up 301 redirects from each individual page on the old site. Equal Page on new site.

If there are pages on the old site that you do not intend to keep, it is not necessary to redirect them to the new URL.

It is also important to update all references to old URLs, such as important links from outside the website.

Just to clarify, it’s okay to keep redirects for more than a year. You can keep them as long as you want.


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In order to minimize the potential negative impact of site migration on your SEO, there is a minimum of one year to maintain 301 redirects.

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