Kayleigh McEnany’s Merrymaking Promo With Trump Gets Less Than Festive Response

Twitter users took a hard pass in Kylie McEnanycall to “Happy birthday eveningWith former President Donald Trump in Naples, Florida, on Friday.

McEnany, Trump’s former press secretary at the White House, tweeted this post on Wednesday for what she claimed would be the “greatest birthday party in Florida”:

“Start your holiday season with the greatest president of our time,” read the event promotional message that promises “cocktail drinks and celebratory dinners followed by photos and notes” by a one-term president who has become a record-breaker stuck in nonexistent voter fraud since eviction the White.

according to event locationEach ticket costs $10,000 and allows attendees to “access the party and one (1) photo taken” with Trump.

Couples packages cost $20,000 while a family donor package, for up to four people, is $30,000. This event is promoted by WHIP Fundraising.

“Tickets are very limited,” the website said.

She boasted that it would be the “holiday occasion of the year” guaranteed to “give you festive memories for life”.

But critics, including former advisor Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Walkoff had their doubts:

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