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After her fight with Stefan’s mother, Kayla Sisler asked her boyfriend Luke if he would adopt her son Isiah.

Kayla Sisler He doesn’t want to do anything to his ex-boyfriend Stephen Alexander or his mother, AnnetteAnd After the dispute between them On last week’s episode of Young mother: young and pregnant. She made it clear during this week’s episode on September 28, when she asked her boyfriend Luke Davis III If he will adopt her son, Isaiah. He said he’d be happy to come forward to do so, and Kayla said she didn’t care if Stefan tried to fight him. In fact, she didn’t think he would try because he hadn’t yet tried to be in their son’s life.

Meanwhile, sad memory of Kia Elliot It sparked some old feelings that led to a quarrel between her and Teazh. Since Kiaya’s father had previously passed away, she tried to get Teazha to reconnect with her estranged parents. But Teazha was blown away by the idea of ​​doing such a thing, so again, they ended up fighting and there was a lot of drama.

Later, viewers were introduced to Kayla Jones. She has been struggling to share her mother’s with her best friend while he deals with his major family issues. He’s recently moved on, and his mom hasn’t yet accepted him for who he really is, so they had a pretty tense conversation in the latter half of this week’s episode. She said she feels that her child will die if she accepts him exactly as a man.

finally, Rachel Beaver She faced more backlash from her family because of her romance symbols And brianna Jaramillo She tried to mend her strained relationship with her mother by going to therapy. Neither situation has been rectified, but we’re only four episodes a season, so there’s still plenty of time.

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