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Kayla Sessler & Ex Ryan Reunite – Summary – Hollywood Life

Kayla agreed to confirm Isaiah’s paternity with an old flame, but her boyfriend, Luke, suspected her ex-husband might have ulterior motives.

On the October 19 episode of Young mother: young and pregnantAnd Kyla Sisler She agreed to confirm Isaiah’s paternity with her ex-husband, Chubby, but reunite them She revealed some cracks in her relationship with look. for beginners, He didn’t like Luke That Kayla was seeing Ryan. Luke thought Ryan had ulterior motives, like wanting to get back together with her, but Kayla wasn’t convinced. She said Ryan had always suspected he was Isaiah’s father, and she didn’t give him the right to doubt. So this time, you want to make sure – just in case. But the way she and Ryan were smiling at each other during their lunch date made us wonder if Kayla also had ulterior motives for meeting her old flame. Poor Luke.

while, Briana Jaramilloex boyfriend And It stirred up some old feelings. He sent her son, Bryson, a gift, so I called him to thank him. But he revealed that he had a girlfriend and had no feelings for Brianna anymore, and she seemed to be upset. She said she didn’t have feelings for him anymore, but her face said otherwise. Anyway, after their call, she decided to put herself back there, so she joined some dating apps in hopes of meeting someone new – someone she could have a family with someday.

Later, Rachel beavers She revealed some big plans to change her life – she’ll live with a friend so they can save and move out of town together – but her mom, StephanieI wondered if it was ready. Rachel thinks she is, but given that she still made her mom watch her baby for half a week, we have to agree with Stephanie. Anyway, they got into a fight about it and Stephanie ended her phone call with Rachel prematurely.

As for the Kayla Jones – She started seeking therapy this week to try and deal with her issues with her ex-boyfriend. She didn’t feel like they were communicating well together, so she sought help from a therapist.

finally, kiaya named Carla – again – but this time, it was to apologize for the ado last week. Fortunately, Carla was in a better mood and agreed to see where her relationship with Kiaya’s mother might go in the future.

Do you want more drama? New episodes of Young mother: young and pregnant Broadcast Tuesdays at 9 PM on MTV.

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