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Katie Price drops six bombs in a new book about her life with her teenage son Harvey

Katie Price She opens up about her life with her son Harvey in her new book.

Katie Price : Harvey and Me is published today and sees the former delight discuss frankly what life is like with 19-year-old Harvey, who suffers from a number of disabilities including autism, Prader-Willi syndrome and partial blindness.

A mother of five says that she will not change anything about her son and that he is perfect in her eyes, but admits that it is not always easy to take care of him.

Here, we take a look at the biggest shells Katie reveals inside her new book.

Katie visited the abortion clinic three times while pregnant with Harvey

Katie Price Talks The Truth About Caring For Harvey

In the early days of her pregnancy with Harvey, Katie tried three times to have an abortion but couldn’t keep it up.

On the first visit, Katie only made it to the parking lot, and on the second, she sat in the waiting room listening to her name calling when she decided to leave.

And the third time, she was sitting in a hospital gown and she watched a scan of her baby, which made her realize she didn’t want to do it.

She says she has no regrets, and while she sometimes wonders what Harvey would be like without his disability, it wouldn’t change anything about him.

Katie wants to adopt a disabled child

Katie Bryce Harvey and I, Moms Love

Katie says that after finding out that Harvey had a series of severe disabilities, she felt more love and protection for him than she had ever felt before.

She said that learning to take care of Harvey made her want to adopt a disabled child in the future.

Junior cries over coincidence when he meets half-brother Harvey he’s never met

Katie’s son Junior, whom she shares with ex-husband Peter Andre, was once emotional after a chance encounter with brother Harvey.

Harvey has never met the other son of his estranged father, former football player Dwight Yorke.

Dwight is also born to his ex-girlfriend Naomi Smith.

Junior was on holiday in Cyprus with his father and sister Princess when they chanced upon Naomi and her son Brandon Tiger, who looks “just like Harvey”.

Katie said it breaks her heart that Harvey will not have an affair with his brother and that Junior was overwhelmed with emotion after seeing Harvey’s brother.

Katie says she reached out to Naomi but was unable to arrange a meeting for the brothers and sisters.

Katie’s mom wants Dwight to step up and take responsibility

Katie’s mother Amy says it’s sad that Dwight is not a part of Harvey’s life.

She is still in touch with Dwight’s agent today after exchanging messages regularly in hopes of arranging a meeting.

Amy says that Harvey not only misses a relationship with his father, but also with his half-brother.

Katie publicly communicated with Dwight several times and said in her book that he refused to have an affair with Harvey.

But Dwight once said that it was Katie who was the problem.

In his 2009 autobiography “Born To Score,” he wrote: “From the moment I looked at my little fellow, I loved my son like I had never imagined him.

“I will no longer hear that I did not care about Harvey, or had any understanding of his needs or that I did not care about his well-being.”

He added, “Over the years I’ve heard Katie say how Andre is Harvey’s dad and what a horrible, uncaring dad, and it all just got stuck in my throat.

“Maybe if she hadn’t made life so difficult for me, she might have been able to take a much more proactive role.”

Katie says Dwight disavowed Harvey during a fateful dinner meeting

Contrary to Dwight’s previous claims, Katie says he “disowned” their son.

She said that Dwight had already spoken to Harvey on the phone on his 10th birthday, but that Dwight was shocked when Harvey asked when they met.

Katie says she last saw Dwight in 2012 when she met him at a restaurant in Cheshire.

She says that that night Dwight made it clear once and for all that he had no interest in being Harvey’s father.

Katie thinks Uri Geller “cured” Uncle Harvey

Harvey Price and Katie Price attend the 2021 National Television Awards alongside Katie’s sister

Katie is convinced Yuri Geller’s spoon-bending trick gave Harvey some of his sight after doctors said he wouldn’t be able to see.

During an appearance on Richard and Judy, Katie says she and Ori talked in the green room about the Harvey scene.

A number of doctors have told Katie that Harvey will never be able to see, but now that he has somewhat of it, she thinks it’s up to Ori.

Katie writes that Ori famously bends the spoon before handing the utensil to Katie and telling her to keep it. He said he doesn’t know when, but one day Harvey will be able to see.

She said that Harvey’s eyes have not changed since he was a child, but that he somehow became able to see despite not having an optic nerve.

Katie Price: Harvey & Me, published by Mirror Books, goes on sale October 26. Get £5 discount (RRP £20) with offer code FA9 from Mirrorbooks.co.uk.