Kathy Hochhol is sworn in as New York State’s first female governor | New York

Kathy Hochhol, the first woman to become a ruler New York State, will give her first address from the Executive Palace in Albany on Tuesday, after she was sworn in to the position in a private ceremony in the early hours.

In the middle of the night, Hochhol, 62, went from relative obscurity as a deputy governor to one of the most powerful and prominent leadership positions within the Democratic Party, as New York’s 57th governor.

After the swearing-in, she told Buffalo’s local television station, WGRZ, she felt “the weight of responsibility” and promised New Yorkers: “I won’t let them down.”

Replacing Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic torchlight who was governor for a decade until it was brought down by a devastating report from the state attorney general based on sexual harassment accusations from 11 women.

como to reject The allegations distinctively deviated from the war, criticizing the report that toppled him as a “political and media scramble.”

Before leaving the Executive Palace for the last time, Cuomo used his clemency powers in Six Men’s Cases.

The most famous case was that of David Gilbert, then 76, who was among the last remaining prisoners in the $1.6 million Brink robbery carried out in 1981 by members of the left-wing militant group Weather Underground, along with Black Liberation Army.

Cuomo’s clemency act would allow Gilbert to plead his case for his release before the state parole board, although there is no guarantee that his wish will be granted.

son Gilbert, San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa BowdenHe leads the campaign for his release.

One of the first challenges Hochul will face is to establish her rule as a fresh start after the increasingly hostile climate that prevailed around her predecessor. I vowed to remove any Cuomo employee found to have acted unethically and vowed that “no one will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment” — referring to one of the main findings against Cuomo in the attorney general’s report.

Hauckol’s first two major managerial appointments went to women. Elizabeth Fine will be her new legal counsel and Karen Percichielli Keough will be her most senior aide, a position known as the Governor’s Secretary.

The biggest date on her to-do list has yet to be set: that of the deputy governor. While Hochul generally positions herself as a moderate Democrat—she spent a year in Congress in 2011 representing a relatively rural and conservative area in upstate New York—she has indicated she would choose a more progressive New York City figure for the role.

As Houcholl progresses, the total number of female US governors increases to nine – a record high in 2004 and repeated in 2007 and 2019. News agency She noted that a century after women won the vote, no woman has yet led 19 states.

Hochhol’s history-shattering status as the first female governor of New York may earn her a honeymoon on the job, but the pressures she’s putting up with may not last long. As the delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic causes another surge in Covid cases, and with the Pfizer vaccine granted full federal approval on Monday, Hochul faces calls for action. Vaccinations are mandatory for all state employees.

It also faces ongoing economic turmoil amid the pandemic, as the country suffers from fourth highest Unemployment rate in the country.

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