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Kate Visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on Thursday morning. As patron of the museum, the Duchess has been shown around a new exhibition focusing on unique Fabergé pieces, titled “Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution”.

Kate wore a colorful top and black wide-legged pants, matching her face covering that was worn in accordance with the government’s new coronavirus advice introduced earlier this week amid the emergence of the new variant from Omicron.

During the visit, the Duchess seemed terrified by the beautiful collection that included some pieces on loan from before Queen Elizabeth II, 95.

Admiring the peacock egg, which features a golden enameled peacock perched on a flowering branch, Kate can be heard saying, “I love the tree.”

The Queen was accompanied on her tour by Victoria and Albert Museum director Tristram Hunt and was shown by curator Kieran McCarthy.

While learning more about the show, Kate congratulated those who worked on the show.

Speaking after the royal visit, McCarthy said Kate was “fascinated by the whole topic”.

The curator revealed that Kate showed an outspoken curiosity and interest in the exhibition as well as a keen eye for detail.

He said, “That’s over and over again, just ‘How did they do that?’ Why does it look like that? “

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“There was a lot of reason and why in the discussion, which is very interesting because it takes complexity to look beyond the view of the scene to actually investigate the details, and that was there.”

The gallery houses the largest collection of Faberge Imperial Easter eggs in a single generation and displays more than 200 items.

It also provides insight into the work of Faberge and his internationally recognized company and the Anglo-Russian nature of his institution.

The exhibition, which opened on November 20, will run until May 8.

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Kate became patron of the Victoria and Albert Museum in March 2018 and has visited it several times over the years.

I last traveled to the important London Museum in May to celebrate its reopening after the pandemic forced galleries, museums and art attractions to close for months.

Kate, who has a master’s degree in art history, has spoken in the past about how much she enjoys visiting museums.

In 2017, during a participation in the Natural History Museum – just across the road from the V&A – Kate revealed that she had visited the building as a child.

She revealed that her kids love her just like her.

She said, “Like many of you here tonight, I remember visiting the Natural History Museum as a child, and was inspired by a love of nature.

“And now, as a parent, I feel joy again with my kids, who are coming here, not just seeing a T-Rex in your mind.

“Who could not be inspired standing here in this wonderful room.”

Kate’s visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum came in the form of The Duchess of Sussex celebrated her victory in court.

Three judges on the Court of Appeals this morning upheld the Supreme Court judge’s ruling on Meghan’s privacy case following the publication of the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline excerpts from the private letter to her father she wrote in August 2018.

Meghan said in a statement this morning that the decision represented a victory “not just for me, but for anyone who has ever felt afraid to stand up for what’s right.”

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