Kanye West & Soulja Boy grating their meat in a brief text message exchange

Seems like everything is fine between Kanye West and Solja Boy, all of you! As mentioned earlier, Ye and Soulja weren’t in the best place after Soulja’s verse for ‘DONDA’ was removed from the album. Kanye didn’t talk about the situation until his last interview with Drinking heroesBut the two seem to have fixed things.

Kanye left Soulja and his fans wondering why his hair wasn’t included in the latest version of ‘DONDA’, and Ye’s announcement joked that he didn’t really feel like the bars that Big Draco had together. Kanye posted an exchange he shared with Soulja via text message, in which Kinda apologized for not telling him his hair didn’t work.

“You are you,” Kanye wrote. “I love you, brother. I should have told you I wouldn’t use the verse.”

Soulja replied, “I love you too brother. That’s all I wanted.”

While this wasn’t technically an apology, Ye and Soulja seemed to be in good spirits after all the fuss.

“I was the first rapper to get an apology from Kanye West,” Solja Boy joked on Twitter.

Looks like Kanye has been trying to make peace with a few of his rivals in the industry lately. He recently invited Drake to join him in an effort to help free Larry Hoover.

“I am asking Drake, on December 7th, to join me on stage as a special guest to share my two biggest albums of the year, Live in Los Angeles with the ultimate goal of Free Larry Hoover.”

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