Kanye West introduces estranged wife Kim Kardashian on stage in her wedding dress at Donda’s latest event | Ents & Arts News

Kim Kardashian West appeared on stage with Kanye West at another listening party for his unreleased album Donda.

that it The third such event in the West, who was made to be Legally known as Ye In recent days, with another event in his home city of Chicago.

Donda, named after his late mother, was originally scheduled for release last summer, but West’s penchant for perfection means he has Its release has been delayed several times.

Nobody does things by half, as West explained During his estranged wife The event as she wore a Balenciaga wedding dress during the track No Child Left Behind – months after she filed for divorce to the rapper.

Kardashian West has been present at all of West’s events in recent months, sparking rumors that they might be back together.

Other guests on stage at the 40,000-seat Soldier Field stadium include controversial artists Dababi and Marilyn Manson.

DaBaby has been widely condemned for his comments About gay and HIV-positive men At a festival in Miami recently, while facing Manson Number of sexual assault allegations – Which he denies.

The trio stood on the porch in the set depicting West’s childhood home, while an army of supporting dancers and a convoy of SUVs surrounded them.

Elsewhere, The Weeknd and Travis Scott appear on the album, while a sample of Lauryn Hill can be heard on one of the tracks.

At one point, West seemed to set himself on fire on the field.

Kanye West continues to harass Donda. Pic file: AP

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In true Kanye West style, he showed up almost two hours late to his event as the screen showed a montage of his mom’s photos.

The last two events failed to release an album, though Apparently they live inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta To finish Donda – but Team West said the rapper is ready to drop him soon.

Donda West was a professor of English at Chicago State University, but died in 2007 at the age of 58 due to complications from plastic surgery.

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