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Kanye West’s apology was accepted by Soulja Boy, who texted Ye and said he just wanted an alert that his hair was cut from ‘Donda’.

Kanye West And Artist Boy In good condition again. The A-list rapper was eating beef in August when Yi, 44, was Soulja’s haircut From “Remote Control”, a path far from Kani Donda album. The 31-year-old Solja was not happy about this and even went so far as to raise Kanye’s estranged wife, Kim kardashian, when he was hunting fellow rapper. But on November 9, Kanye decided to text Soulja and offer an apology, which the “Crank That” rapper sweetly accepted.

Kanye documented the text message exchange between him and Soulja on Instagram on November 10. father of four He started the conversation by sending a message that read, “Yo It’s Ye. I love you brother. I should have told you I wouldn’t use the verse.” Over an hour later, Soulja responded and officially put an end to this celebrity rivalry. “I love you too, brother. That’s all I wanted.”

Other music artists were very happy to see Kanye and Soulja get over their issues. singer Grand Khai He commented on Kanye’s post, “Gotta love ye,” followed by a second comment that read, “Connie coming soon???” DJ Don Diablo He described the conversation as “growth,” while fans praised Kanye for taking the lead and referred to him as “the goats.” They even used a goat emoji to make their point!

Kanye West; Soulja Boy (Photo: Gregory Pace/Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Soulja first came over for Kanye on the poetry drama on August 30, after that Chris Brown He was similarly annoyed with Ye for allegedly cutting his hair off “again again”. Soulja referred to Kanye as “p-ssy” and “Lame ass n—” who”He thinks he could be the boss” During that Ranting on Twitter. He also spoke about Kanye’s ex-husband, claiming that was the “reason” for Kim, 41, to leave bipolar ASS. Soulja then tweeted, “I was the first rapper [Kim Kardashian], Not You,” along with a throwback photo of him and Kim, seems to have been taken in the late 2000s. The singer “kissed me on the phone” too Kayne challenged to fight, although it clearly did not pay off.

kanye Donda It hit streaming services on August 29, after which the rapper claimed that his label – Universal Music Group – released the album. without his permission. Soulja responded to this by calling her “cap” [a lie]While Kris also criticized Kanye for leaving him Donda. We now know that Kanye and Soulja are all fine, but it remains to be seen if Kris is still unhappy with Ye.

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