Jungle Cruise received one-third of its initial revenue from Disney Plus.

Disney’s Jungle trip Debuted this weekend as the theatrical and Disney Plus premiere access title, and the initial revenue collection from the entertainment giant shows that one-third of the film’s revenue comes from streaming. Hollywood Reporter. Of sunday Jungle trip For the second time, Disney has released movie data as part of its premier access program, allowing Disney Plus users to pay 30 30 the day they hit theaters. ۔

Jungle Cruise 30 million is half of 60 60 million. black Widow Earned in the same period since the beginning of July on Disney Plus, but. Jungle Cruise Disney Plus revenue is a big chunk of total revenue compared to streaming. Black Widow: Jungle Cruise 30 30 million was 33% of its .8 91.8 million. Black widow 60 60 million was about 27 percent of its 8 218.8 million. Premier access by 2020 was also an option. مولان۔, Of March Raya and the last dragon., And May Croella, But Disney did not share the statistics of these movies.

The new numbers also come just days after Scarlett Johansson’s major Disney lawsuit, alleging that Disney refused to release her. black Widow The lawsuit against the live streaming model, especially in theaters, is perhaps the biggest blow ever. Mound Director Dennis Valeniou blew up Warner Media in December when the studio announced that it would release all its 2021 films simultaneously on HBO Max, and the theater was not a fan of the move.

Although Warner Media has already announced plans to release 10 Warner Bruce movies in theaters and on streaming services in 2022, Disney has not announced any premiere access titles. Jungle trip

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