Julius Rundle is on vacation and enjoys watching the Knicks on TV with the family

The Knicks’ preseason win over the Washington Wizards on Saturday night was a once-in-a-lifetime family affair for Julius Randle.

A day after welcoming their new son, Jace, into the world, the big star man Knicks and his wife Kendra watched the match together on TV with their 4-year-old son Kayden and his new baby brother.

“At first Kyden didn’t like it. He was like, Dad, why are you here?” “He was upset,” Randall said with a laugh on Monday. I had to explain it to him. It was really cool for our family to bring a new addition and the four of us just sit and watch Knicks basketball on Saturday night. It was great.”

Randle returned to training with his teammates on Monday and is expected to play in a pre-season game against the Pistons on Wednesday. Although he doesn’t expect to do so again anytime soon, he said watching the match on TV gave him a unique perspective. He especially loved watching trainer Tom Thibodeau in action.

“It was great, man,” Randall said. “Obviously you’ve always wished you were there, but just being able to watch the players, and see our team develop from afar – every day, we take steps forward to get better. It’s also fun when you watch it from home, you hear the commentary. You can hear Tips. So I heard Lots of TIPS screaming 20, and it was good to hear that from afar too. So I enjoyed that.”

One of the most important points he took away from the game was the number of three-pointers Nick put in. When camp started, Thibodeau set a goal of making 37-40 three-point attempts per game. In the opening game, they fired 37. In Washington, they had 52 attempts and 24 conversions — a total that would have broken the franchise’s record of threes in a game (20) if this were a regular season game.

“Yeah, it was definitely an area of ​​focus for us, a focus that Tibbs definitely emphasized on our team,” Randell said. “And it’s about movement and creating good triathlons.

“Some teams want to take 40, 50 triples, but a lot of it can be a bad triple: contender, no ball movement. For us, it’s all about speed, spacing, doing the right play, absolute reading, creating good triples. And I feel like that’s what we do. “.

Notes and quotes: Thibodeau said Mitchell Robinson, who has not played since undergoing surgery to fracture his foot six months ago, is involved in “most of the training at the moment”. Thibodeau declined to speculate on whether Robinson will be able to feature in pre-season but believes he has made progress. “Every day he was doing more than that,” Tibodo said. “The last step is going to be full contact. He’s made some contact and he’s pretty close to that now. So we’ll see”… Derek Rose (ankle) and Nerlence Noel (knee) are in full and likely to play Wednesday in their third pre-season game for the Knicks.


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