Julius Randle remains optimistic that the Knicks will find a way to win

When Julius Randle sat down for interviews after the disappointing loss to the Bulls and a rookie win over the Lakers earlier this week, he sent the same message – that with time the Knicks would figure out their problems and be the team they thought they could be.

It was a positive message sent, but it was directed more to him and his colleagues than to the masses or the media.

After the breakout season in 2020-21, Randle and the revamped roster sometimes struggled to find hints of the style of play that put them in the post-season last spring. And in the midst of a brutal period for their schedule, that optimism will be tested.

Newcomers to the starting line-up, Yvan Fournier and Kemba Walker, had their moments, but very few of them. But whether it comes in time for Friday’s game against the Suns, the hottest team in the NBA, or somewhere on the streak in the 82-game schedule, Randle believes the Knicks will be able to do what coach Tom Tebodeau preaches — deliver better. what they have. When the playoffs come.

“The thing about us is that we’ve remained fans,” Randall said. “We stayed positive. We’ve had highs, we’ve had lows. But once the clicking starts we’ll be a really good team. And we’re starting to take a step in the right direction.”

“As I said earlier, [Evan] It’s a big part of our team so I’m going to make sure he’s solid and comfortable, and Kemba, everybody’s comfortable with where we just go in there, play it, we know what’s going to happen, we know where our shots are coming from, we know each other is on the defensive end. That’s what makes the game fun.”

Fournier made 26 points in the win over the Lakers, but his play is still in progress, with production going on and off.

“Let’s not keep talking about it,” he said. “We have a positive attitude about it. We all want to move forward, we all want to play well. We all want to win matches, and I think our attitude is great now. We are going in the right direction, which is very encouraging now.”

Tibodo praised Chris Paul’s playing in leadership of the Suns, who came to Madison Square Garden with a 15-3 and 14-game winning streak, and knows the challenge the Knicks face.

“You want to build consistency in how you prepare for each game,” Tibodo said. “So know your opponent well, and know what leads to a win. And we have to go out and run, we played for 48 minutes, your margin of error is small, but we have to make sure we go there prepared and you have to do that as a team.”

Notes and quotes: Thibodeau, speaking after Wednesday’s training, was not optimistic that Mitchell Robinson would be ready to play on Friday as he works through the league’s concussion protocols. “It has to go through all the protocols,” Tibodo said. “He’s making progress…There’s progress in it. So he’s gone through every stage. And there’s still more to go through before he is acquitted.” He said Derek Rose and Tag Gibson are still alive day after day.


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