Julian Ward watches French striker Randall Kolo Mwany when Liverpool miss the January transfer

Liverpool’s new sporting director, Julian Ward, will be keeping an eye on Randall Kolo Mwane in the coming months, after the Reds were said to miss his January signing.

French striker He has attracted attention this season with his lively performances in the French Ligue 1. The 23-year-old has scored nine goals and three assists this season, leading to Regular links with Liverpool over the past month.

In fact, one name was under consideration for Liverpool in January as they vetted their options. As it was, Liverpool managed to secure the first goal for Luis Diaz in a major financial move. The Colombian is scheduled to arrive in Merseyside on ThursdayAfter completing his autograph over the weekend.

And while Liverpool narrowly ran out of time to secure Fabio Carvalho’s signature, they will follow suit in the summer.

However, Mane was also an important player for the Reds. Now a report claims the Reds have held talks about a possible attack on Mane.

according to Frankfurter RundschauThe Reds “dealed fairly intensively” with the striker, who was available to sign a pre-contract agreement.

And while a show wasn’t imminent, departing athletic director Michael Edwards tasked his successor Ward with keeping tabs on the star.

However, Liverpool weren’t the only side in talks about a deal. In fact, they claimed that Mane’s camp also had discussions with Tottenham manager Fabio Paracci about a possible move to north London.

Randall Kolo Mwany agrees to move to Frankfurt

In the end, the striker agreed to a deal to move to Eintracht Frankfurt at the end of the season.

according to pictureThe Bundesliga team has included the France U-21 striker on a five-year contract effective July 1.

In fact, the German newspaper claims that Frankfurt won the day with its general manager Ben Manga continuing talks for nearly 18 months.

Mane’s move was stamped with a rubber stamp after securing a deal, which facilitated his free transition.

The report claims though that Mane will remain an important player for the Reds. As such, Ward and his team will continue to keep an eye on the attacker regarding his future move.

How Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur against Luis Diaz

Daniel Levy “did everything he could” to sign Luis Diaz for Tottenham Hotspur in January, but a report revealed why Liverpool beat them on the transfer.

according to the athleteHowever, Tottenham have reached agreements with both Diaz and his former club Porto to sign him. That came before he headed into international service, though, so a turn came after that.

During Diaz’s absence, one of his Colombian agents vetoed the move. It was because Porto gave Jorge Mendes the mandate to oversee the Spurs substitution. Diaz’s representative objected.

Meanwhile, Liverpool – who were originally lined up with Diaz in the summer – took their chance to pounce. They did not use Mendes as an intermediary.

When Diaz arrives at Anfield, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp explained How will he sign the players in January if only they are the people the club is interested in over the summer – and Diaz agrees with that strategy.

Incidentally, Klopp’s presence was a factor in persuading Diaz to join Liverpool. Moreover, the fact that they have the UEFA Champions League and Tottenham did not help.

But the report claims Diaz was also “excited” about the Spurs interest. In contrast, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is supposedly “furious” that the deal has failed.

Tottenham have signed papers over a €45m deal plus €15m deal with Porto. In the end, though, it was Liverpool who took him with the same numbers.

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