Jony Ive’s ‘LoveFrom’ design firm launches official website.

Former Apple design chief Johnny Iowa and fellow designer Mark Newson jointly launched the 2019 design firm LeoFrom this week on its official website

The site features for the first time the visual identity of LoveFrom, designed by Ive and other members of the “creative collective”, including English art director Peter Sewell, and Chris Wilson and Antonio Cudoni, both former members of Apple’s design team. Members are included.

In general Ive fashion, the site is extremely minimalist in nature, with no images, links or contact details – just a short text with which the press release states “LoveFrom Collective and its work is a comprehensive and Well done definition “.

Loved by

LoveFrom is a creative gathering. We are designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers and artists. You can know us from our previous work. We are obsessed with the traditions of creation and making. Fanatically dedicated to excellence. Extremely curious. We collaborate with leaders and founders. We work on plans for happiness. We develop our ideas. Love and anger

The word mark and text are arranged in a new typeface called LoveFrom Serif, inspired by John Baskerville’s letterfarms and based on a study of its original nests and matrix. According to the launch press release, “Each character has been lovingly recreated, refined and carefully crafted over the past two years.”

When you arrive at the site, a text cursor blinks and the name LoveFrom is typed. The wordmark includes a live comma, which Seville describes as “starting a dialogue and communicating.”

The site launch is the most public move ever by Collective, which has a low profile and is only mentioned in announcements of creative partnerships by clients such as Airbnb and Ferrari.

I left Apple to launch LoveFrom in June 2019. At the time, the tech giant said it would remain one of Ive’s core customers, but it is unknown at this time what Apple products it has helped design, if any. Apple said Ivy was involved in the design of the colorful 24-inch iMac released in April, but it’s not clear if Ivy did so after leaving the company.

It’s not clear how many employees work for LoveFrom, but Ive hired at least four of his former Apple colleagues to work at the firm, including Van C, Chris Wilson, Peach Kessler. And Jeff Tyler.


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