Jon Jocelyn Returns to Jon & Kate House Plus 8 – Hollywood Life

Jon Gosselin returned to the Pennsylvania home that made him a household name and revealed exclusively to HL how it made him feel!

John GosselinAnd 44, was finishing a day’s work when he decided to quit at his Pennsylvania house TLC viewers I fell in love with him when they first met him John and Kate Plus 8 In 2007. A moment of nostalgia brought back all the feelings towards the reality he had opened up to. I passed it on the highway 100 times Amazon,” John said Hollywood Live exclusively on October 7, referring to his full-time job. “I travel on this highway a lot. I was actually on one connecting road so I said, ‘I’m just going to stop.’ why not?’ who cares? I’m just a normal person now. I was working with my partner, DJ Casper International and we were in the studio together working on some music and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to swing on my ancient land and my secret.”

The DJ and Amazon employee was living at home with his now ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, 46. The former couple separated after 10 years of marriage in 2010. Their famous show documented their lives while raising twins past And Joslin Road, 20, and their beloved brothers the Hexagons, Joel, Aiden, Colin, Hana Alexis And ya, 17. John currently maintains custody of Coleen and Hannah while their siblings live with their mother (Maddy and Kara are Now in college in New York City).

So he decided To knock and see if the new owners are willing to come to the door to say hi! “I actually rang their doorbell and no one was home,” John revealed. “I don’t remember who bought the house or if it was the second owner after me and no one was in the house and the neighbors were looking at me like, ‘Oh my God!'” Then I took a selfie and said, ‘Why not?’ And that was funny.”

although a house It was empty, John noticed the new look. “They added a canopy to the front of the house,” John said. “They changed the shutters. They put something on the end of the fence and they have a dog. The tree in the front yard got really big! But it’s been 15 years since I’ve lived there. It was interesting. This is exactly where it all started – season one.”

While John hopes to return for a future visit, it is up to him Children If they want to go back and see it for themselves. “They can only drive there!” John added. “My kids are adults, pretty much. They will be eighteen and can go whenever they want.”

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