John Oliver torments his AT&T bosses during OAN reveal, saying ‘You’re making the world worse’

On Sunday night, John Oliver used the Emmy-winning HBO series last week tonight To take shots at his company, Overlord, AT&T.

according to In-depth investigation by Reuters Last week, AT&T, which still owns HBO’s parent company WarnerMedia, started the disinformation station One America News Network — which Oliver described as “a far-right channel that promotes disinformation about COVID and conspiracy theories.”

“Yes!” shouted Oliver. “AT&T turns out to be up to some bullshit. It should be noted that AT&T is still technically our commercial dad, making OAN a sibling to our business — not in an exciting way.”

As Reuters reported, “OAN founder and CEO Robert Hering Sr. testified that the inspiration for launching OAN in 2013 came from executives at AT&T. They told us they wanted a conservative network,” Hering said during testimony in 2019 seen by Reuters. Which is Fox News, and they had seven others in the other [left-wing] the side. When they said that, I jumped at him and built one.”

With this help, OAN has grown into the toxic network it is today—a network that is pleased to provide a platform for election fraud theories from America’s most breathless pillow experts. [Mike Lindell] Also, a commentator, just a few months ago, explained Oliver, casting footage of the OAN announcer staring intently at the camera, “Despite their best efforts, the Radical Democrats have left their fingerprints all over the country providing evidence that the 2020 election hasn’t happened.” not only tampered with, but also toppled… Any American who participated in these efforts, from those who operated voting machines to senior government officials, is guilty of treason under USC § 2381, which carries the death penalty.”

“The biggest point here is: OAN would literally be nothing without AT&T,” Oliver said. An accountant at OAN reportedly said under oath that AT&T provided 90 percent of Herring Networks’ income. Regarding OAN’s terrible content, AT&T told us: “DIRECTV Editorial respects the channels they carry…just as AT&T is committed to providing editorial independence to every WarnerMedia show – including this one…”

“And that’s a relief – especially the last part – because if I may, I’d like to use that generous editorial independence to provide some constructive feedback to AT&T,” Oliver added.

The comedian then offered some suggested AT&T catchphrases, including: “All the business intelligence of Quibi without the courtesy of corporate suicide.”

He concluded, “Look, AT&T, I know our relationship is a little awkward, especially since you’re trying to flesh out this business in your deal with Discovery, but while we’re still technically related, let me just say this: You’re a terrible company. You do bad things and make The world is worse. Please don’t bother staying in touch once the merger is complete – although that shouldn’t be a problem for you. You’re AT&T, it’s not like your messages are going to pass on anyway.”


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