John Murtaug knows why Manchester United don’t want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo – Stephen Rylston

Since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United in 2009, there has been romance surrounding the prospect of homecoming.

While the five-time Ballon d’Or winner may finally return to Manchester this summer, he will not be at Old Trafford as the men’s squad understand rivals Manchester City have made progress in talks and it is crucially understood that the player is open to the team. Transfer.

RonaldoThe 36-year-old has achieved exorbitant heights during his career – yet somehow still exceeds expectations – most believed he would since leaving United more than a decade ago, and he has completed his reputation as one of the game’s greatest players of all time.

After winning several times Champions League Titles, countless domestic majors and just about every significant individual honour, though, the forward is on the cusp of joining United’s biggest rivals in the fall of his career.

despite of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer And Wayne Rooney’s comments on Ronaldo’s proposed move to the federation, legacy, loyalty and passion probably won’t be considered when the Portuguese talks with his agent Jorge Mendes about the next step in his career.

The harsh and harsh truth is that loyalty in football died long ago.

However, if Ronaldo glitched from red to blue over the next few days, that wouldn’t stop the crowd being so hard to accept and then the question might be raised, why didn’t football director John Murtaug try to bring him home to United?

Well, any deal for Ronaldo this summer will require a huge financial commitment and the transfer will only work in the short term.

Although Ronaldo has almost redefined what it means to be a soccer athlete on his own – his longevity is equally impressive as his ability – time waits for no one and there is no denying that he is no longer the complete striker he once was.

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Ronaldo almost guarantees an abundance of goals for any signing team, but it’s important to take a look at the bigger picture here.

Guys understand Solskjaer and Mortog They mutually agree that Erling Haaland is the long-term favorite target number nine and any deal for Ronaldo would threaten their position to pounce on the 21-year-old Norwegian next year.

Haaland scored 41 goals in 41 games across all competitions for Borussia Dortmund last season and now rivals Ronaldo for the honor of being the world’s most prolific striker, but at 15 he represents a more reasonable investment.

If Ronaldo is the past, United Need to make sure Haaland is their future.


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