Joe Rogan: It is universally accepted that the mainstream media is full [Bleep]

Joe Rogan entered the den of media critics this week after suffering a fake news attack over his battle with COVID-19.

CNN and other outlets He falsely said that Rogan took the Horse Worm. Medicine in September to treat the virus. Since then he has been attacking the media.

This week, he’s had a lot of companionship.

Think Tim Ball, Alex Jones, Michael Mallis, and Blair White. Occasion? A new episode of Timcast IRL, the popular Pool podcast that exposes media lies and corruption of Big Tech.

Together, they dismantled the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, which led to rising levels of censorship and why the American people no longer trust the press to tell them the truth.

Rogan led the charge, saying that it is now universally accepted that the mainstream media lies in abandon.

“The most optimistic people say, ‘Well, they sometimes lie,'” Rogan said. “That wasn’t the case with Walter Cronkite.”

However, Rogan shared this view with like-minded souls who claim those lies on their own platforms.

“We have reached new levels of our ability to expose them,” Mallis said, later adding, “We have more mechanisms in place to expose their corruption and wrongdoing in real time.”

Jones tried to connect a website linked to The Great Reset and it sparked his actual talk about the conspiracy. Focus the rest on the topic in play:

Media manipulation and censorship of major technology companies.

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Malice said the digital world gives critics a greater ability to express their opinions, possibly changing others along the way.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook social networking site
  • Podcasts
  • Emerging platforms such as Rumble, Parler, and GETTR

Frustrated consumers can get to the truth in new and exciting ways, bypassing traditional news outlets in the process.

Hate sparked how citizen journalists captured footage of Rittenhouse’s confrontation with rioters and how this changed the tone of the trial.

“If this had been 20 years ago, they would have been in a position to not allow this Kyle Rittenhouse video to be seen… All it took was for one person to film it and put it on Twitter or Facebook and everyone could watch it in real time,” Malles said.[beseen}…allittakesisonepersontofilmitputitonTwitterorFacebookandeveryonecanseeitinrealtime”Malicesaid[beseen}…allittakesisonepersontofilmitputitonTwitterorFacebookandeveryonecanseeitinrealtime”Malicesaid

Rogan brought the conversation back to the decreasing free exchange of ideas, noting that Facebook, Google and other big tech giants often keep the conversations selected. Facebook, for example, prevented people from Contribute to the self-defense fund at Rittenhouse Without hearing all the facts related to the case.

A method for their supervisory madness.

“If they can only censor you on the basis of ideology, you will not have freedom of speech.” Rogan said. Big tech platforms, in the modern age, “are the primary means of the way people communicate.”

“The way you enforce censorship, it’s always in the interest of the left,” he added. “And the people on the left think that’s a good idea, but in the end you can’t be left enough.”

Ask Paul Rogan how his thinking has evolved since interviewing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey twice on his podcast. Their first conversation drew criticism for being too disrespectful. The second, featuring tough questions from Paul himself, left Dorsey scrambling for answers.

“It opened my eyes to many things,” Rogan began, including Twitter banning the Unity Party account.

“You make these ideological choices about freedom of speech,” Rogan continued, “You say, ‘Your freedom of speech is not nearly as important as the outcome I want.'”

The podcast giant said he spoke to Second Amendment advocates during the 2020 presidential campaign who told him Instagram and Facebook to remove some of their old posts, likely to prevent them from influencing the election.

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The conversation returned to the Rittenhouse trial, with several speakers citing the gruesome backgrounds of the people the 17-year-old defendant shot during the clash. This information was often overlooked by the media, including the rap newspaper that had one man murdered.

“This is a cult***.” Rogan said. “This is a left-wing cult. They are pumping up this stuff… they are ignoring counter evidence. They ignore any narrative that challenges their belief in what happened.”

“That’s what happens in cultures,” Rogan added. “They go through these stadiums, these ups and downs, which is almost inevitable…and almost always slips into despotism.”

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