Joe Judge, the giants are trying not to draw attention to the new caller

Joe Judge has declined to publicly announce who will call up offensive play in Sunday’s game against the Eagles. While it may be one of the worst kept secrets in Giants history that senior offensive assistant Freddy Kitchens is expected to take over, the judge has insisted on playing with caution since sacking offensive coordinator Jason Jarrett earlier this week.

“We have a lot of things that might be a bit up our sleeve,” the judge said of his reasoning. “Any competitive advantage you have that you want to keep to yourself.”

Eagles coach Nick Siriani said that despite the trick, he, like everyone else, expects kitchens to be on plays that connect to the radio.

“I think we should think that way,” he said. “But you prepare for every different scenario. If you coach a judge, I do the same and I don’t say who calls the plays because then it would be something less we can prepare for.”

Does this really make a big difference to the vultures?

“Anytime the caller changes, there are certainly advantages to that as much as for the Giants because again, no matter who might call the plays, it will be different,” Siriani said. “No matter who he is, it’s going to be different from what Coach Jarrett called it because everyone is going to think about the game a little differently.. I think there’s a competitive advantage when there’s a change and you don’t have any tape stream on the coordinator who’s going to connect with him.”

A new sound in the midfielder’s ear won’t fix everything that’s bothering Attack on Titan.

“There are a number of things that can change,” the judge said. “Changing the caller is one aspect of it and maybe the approach we take as offense is another aspect of it. In a short week, you’re not going to go ahead and completely blast off and bring things back, but you’ll look at using things a little differently. Maybe these are employees, maybe that’s a scheme, maybe This is the summons of the situation, whatever it is.”

The judge confirmed that the offensive game plan would be developed collaboratively by all offensive stance coaches, as well as himself and QC coach Ross Calaway, who is a very promising offensive mind.

Despite this, only one of them will be linked to the offensive assembly via the headset.

“I don’t know,” the judge said with a smile when asked about the tenth time to identify this person. “Maybe we’ll just draw the names, I’m not sure.”

Notes and quotes: WR Kadarius Toney (quad heads) didn’t train on Thursday and still puts him weak in Sunday’s game, and Toni was injured late in Monday’s game against the Bucs. . . S Logan Ryan is still on COVID/reserve a week after his first positive tests. He needs two negative tests 24 hours apart to be cleared, but even so, after such a long period in quarantine, he may not be ready to play on Sunday. . . The Giants are loaded in tight ends with Kyle Rudolph (ankle) and Caden Smith (knee) unlikely to play on Sunday. They signed Chris Mayarik to the active roster of their coaching staff and added Jake Houseman and Dion Wilder to the coaching staff.


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