Joe Biden warns the Kabul airport attackers: ‘We will chase you and make you pay’ | world News

Joe Biden warned those responsible for the attacks on Kabul airport on Thursday: “We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will chase you and make you pay.”

The US President was speaking after it turned out that 12 American soldiers were among the 72 people who were killed after that Two explosions and armed clash outside Kabul airport.

And wounded in the attack about 143 people, including 15 American soldiers.

Biden said the Americans killed in the attacks were “heroes” “who took part in a dangerous and honest mission to save the lives of others.”

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed that there were no deaths among British military or government workers.

Speaking from the White House Thursday night, Biden said he had requested plans to respond to ISIS, the Islamic State affiliate group believed to be responsible for the attacks.

The United States, he said, “will find the means of our choosing without major military operations to transport them wherever they are.”

Biden also said US efforts to evacuate Americans and Afghans who helped them will continue, with more troops sent if needed.

“All they need, if they need extra strength, I’ll give it,” he added.

The attacks increased pressure on Biden, who justified the withdrawal as a way to prevent American deaths in what he described as the civil war in Afghanistan.

On August 20, after the Taliban captured Kabul, Mr. Biden told reporters that staying in Afghanistan longer could mean he would need to “send your sons and daughters – like my son who was sent to Iraq – maybe to die. And why? Why?”

But rather than prevent bloodshed, the now chaotic evacuation has led to the first American deaths in Afghanistan in 18 months.

On Thursday evening, Biden stood by his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, saying, “It is time to end this 20-year war.”

Withdrawal deadline Agreed between the Taliban and Donald Trump During his presidency last year was May, but Mr. Biden pushed that to the end of August.

Some European leaders had called for the date to be pushed back, but the Taliban warned earlier in the week that such a move would be too. They are seen as having crossed the ‘red line’ It will “provoke a reaction”.

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