Joe Biden orders the US military to prepare for attacks against the Kabul bombing attackers

NSDeep in an open sewage drain outside Kabul airport, the former British Army interpreter’s hopes of rescue quickly fade.

Like hundreds of potential refugees, he, his wife and six children were stuck in line in a rotten trench 500 meters from the airport entrance.

Having worked with the British in Helmand in 2006 and 2007, the man never imagined he would be treated this way – left, quite literally, in the gutter, to face Taliban punishment.

“I love the UK, I love the people of the UK,” he told The Telegraph in desperation. “If they hear my voice, please take me, please evacuate me. I was your interpreter, I helped you, I served you, but you don’t care about me.

“I only have one message, please clear me, please take me, please pick me up from this place.”

Read more from our team on the ground in Kabul Here.


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