Job offer management platform Compa is emerging with ڈالر 3.9 million – TechCrunch.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the job market is hot – and enterprise talent acquisition leaders face a lack of technology when evaluating candidates. This makes it difficult to determine compensation.

Enter Compa. The offer management platform provides “Dell Desk” software to recruiters so they can more easily handle their payment strategies and create offers that are easy to understand and neutral.

Charlie Franklin, co-founder and CEO of Kampa, told TechCrunch that losing a candidate at the compensation stage was disappointing, so the company decided to reduce the challenge of relying on crowd sourcing data or surveys to compare salaries. Build your own software.

“Recruiters often lack the data and tools to figure out how much people have to pay and communicate effectively,” Franklin told TechCrunch. “We look at talent acquisition teams like the sales team. If you think about it from that point of view, they need to close a candidate, but not ask the recruiter to work from a spreadsheet. Slows down the process.

Campa co-founders, left, Charlie Franklin, Joe Malindrocolo and Taylor Conn. Image Credit: Comparison

With Kampa, recruiters can enter salary expectations and compare recent offers and collaborate with other team members and hire managers to reach a salary consensus. The software automates all market intelligence in real time and provides insights into compensation in similar industries and organizations.

The company, based in both California and Massachusetts, emerged secretly on Thursday with ڈالر 3.9 million in seed funding, led by 20 partners. The round was attended by CrossCut Ventures and Acadian Ventures, as well as a group of strategic angel investors, including 2.12 Angels, Oyster HR CEO Tony James and Scout RFP co-founders Stan Garber and Alex Yakubuch. ۔

Jameson Hill, a partner at Base 10 Partners, said his firm, ESG, was conducting research on the “mega-trend” via email, specifically looking for startups focused on compensation management, when it came to Compa. I came.

He was attracted to the company’s vision, his understanding of the pay gap in the market, the founders’ “clarity and belief”, how the Kampa solution would create a new wave of “smart, more data-driven recruitment teams”. “And that’s how it enables employers to use a compensatory and positive offer management approach to differentiate themselves from competitors.”

“They deeply understand the nuances that come with enterprise-level HR teams and bring this expertise to every aspect of Compa’s product offering, which is why we believe Compa can emerge as a leader in this trend. And has chosen to partner with this very special team, “Hill added.

Franklin, who previously led Human Resources M&A at Workday, co-founded Campa last year with Joe Melandrocolo, who was on the engineering side at Facebook and Oculus, and Taylor Conn, who led organizations such as Stanford University. For Innovation Consulting.

Franklin said the company was bootstrapped before it went after the seed round and would use the funds to expand the team and develop additional products with the mission of “making compensation fair and competitive for everyone.” According to

Going forward, he added, job offers and compensation are needed to understand how fast the world is changing. As more people work from a distance and companies want to attract a diverse workforce, compensation will be a key factor.

“This is a long-term trend we’re seeing in HR – compensation is becoming more transparent – not just internally shared spreadsheets, but the transition from confidential to open and accountable,” Franklin said. “Technology is catching on, and we have the potential to produce results that make a difference in pay.”

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