Job boards for workplaces that do not specifically require COVID-19 vaccination are emerging as more employers begin to require shots.

Kelsey Williams

A medical assistant administers the COVID-19 vaccine to a woman at a Los Angeles clinic on March 25, 2021. Mario Tama / Getty Images

  • More companies are implementing vaccine mandates for employees following Pfizer’s FDA approval.

  • Now, job boards are getting ready to connect anti-wax workers to employers who don’t need a shot.

  • One site lists multiple openings for nurses in rural nursing homes, stating: “No, when needed.”

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Job boards that do not require employees to be vaccinated against code 19 are popping up online to share open roles in companies as vaccine orders become more common.

The social media platform Gab has hosted a board that has been accepted by some conservatives and right-wing members. In an email sent to users on Wednesday, Gabe CEO Andrew Torba announced the “No Wax Mandate Job Board”.

“This job board is for job acquisition in which employees do not need to be injected with their experimental substance or their physical autonomy and violation of religious beliefs are required to retain the job,” he wrote. Group.

The group, which had about 30,000 members just two days later, was full of messages from people looking for work that they would not need a vaccine.

“Blue State SR Talent Acquisition (a corporation recruiter) at a major healthcare company. Has worked remotely for many years but requires a mandatory job. I will not comply,” a post said. “I’m a professional and I’ve always had great reviews. Does anyone need a big recruit?

Torba said Gabe formed the group in light of President Joe Biden, urging businesses to implement the vaccine mandate when Pfizer-Biotech’s Corona virus vaccine received full Food and Drug Administration approval on Monday. got it.

“I’m urging more private sector companies to meet the vaccine needs that will reach millions of people,” Biden said during remarks at the White House.

Some businesses have done so, announcing plans to vaccinate as many employees as possible. Chevron, CVS Health, and Disney World all announced mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine following FDA approval.

Some local governments have also set mandates for employees, including Chicago and Los Angeles, with more to follow. Mandates generally allow health and religious exemptions., another site that markets self-employed job seekers trying to avoid the vaccine mandate, says it believes that “no right is more sacred than the control of each individual.” It is free from all kinds of restrictions or interference from others. “

The holes listed on the site range from a pizza hut delivery driver in Texas to a hair stylist in a “patriotic small business” in Arizona. There are multiple openings for nurses in rural nursing homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with the listing: “When not needed. We are awake and serving God.

Other lists include opening up healthcare settings in Texas, New York and Michigan.

A third site, Red Balloon, describes itself as “the country’s first and only free speech job site.” He said it would “take a stand against forced vaccinations”, announcing in a blog post that it would “increase its workload” to engage employees who are looking for “vaccinations.” Regardless of status. “

Public health officials continue to encourage Americans to get vaccinated as the United States faces an increase in COVID-19 cases, which are largely driven by delta migration. A CDC study released on Tuesday found that immunized people were 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than those vaccinated.

As of Thursday, 51.9 percent of Americans had been fully vaccinated, while 61.1 percent had received at least one dose, according to the CDC. Officials hope more people will take the shot this week as a result of full FDA approval.

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