Jimmy Kimmel: Testing for Covid is the only positive thing Trump has done

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In his new book, Mark Meadows, former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, writes that Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus ahead of his first debate with Joe Biden in 2020.

“Unfortunately, testing positive for Covid was the only positive thing he’s done in his four years as president,” Jimmy Kimmel joked on Wednesday night.

“Of course, it matters and makes a difference in how you help your brother and what you help him with. Like, if your brother kills someone, you can either help him get the best lawyer in the country, or you can help him bury the body. I mean, they both make you a good brother, but One of them makes you an accessory after the incident.” Trevor Noah

“And folks, that’s not what CNN is about. CNN is about 12 people sitting together at a desk and having them yell at each other about whether or not Adele’s Las Vegas stay will hurt Biden’s poll numbers.” Trevor Noah

This week’s “Tonight Show” hashtags showed viewers’ travel failure.

Mahershala Ali (aka Marvel’s new Blade) will speak with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” on Thursday.

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