Jimmy Kimmel debuts a new crunchy hairstyle after Thanksgiving in the oven

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” comedian showed off his singing hairstyle after a cooking accident Thursday.

He wrote on Instagram, “Thank you very much everyone.” “Try not to burn your hair and eyebrows from the oven light!”

It’s not even the first time. “once again?????” He hung his 30-year-old daughter, Katie Kimmel.

“Oh laoo,” celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wrote.

Fortunately, Kimmel appears to have come down mostly unscathed. And he still has “a burnt and smoked turkey with his hair” to offer him.

last year, while appearing On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kimmel detailed another interrogation incident while on vacation. At the time, on the Fourth of July, he said, he lost his beard, eyebrow, and skin.

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