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Jill Female Face Razor subscription provides radiant skin


If you don’t try Dermaplaning By now, you’ve probably at least heard of it – I first heard it mentioned in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” of all places. For those unfamiliar, “Dermaplaning is essentially a facial shave to exfoliate the skin and remove fine hair,” explains a New York City dermatologist. Dr. Hadley King. Basically, by pointing the blade at a 45-degree angle and slowly pulling it across your skin, you’re removing dead cells, scar tissue, and other debris that can make your skin’s surface look uneven.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that some women choose it shaving For hair removal purposes: Some might be looking to remove the fluff, the nearly invisible peach fuzz that we all have on our faces and that can often appear on camera in close-ups, or taming eyebrow and upper lip hair.

As many are looking to better remove skin and hair with their hands, generation, a product spread on both TikTok and Instagram, has set out to normalize female facial shaving – whether it’s to remove hair or get a brighter complexion. We put it to the test.

Jill sells her signature Glow Beginner Group, which has everything you need to start shaving, on their site: Typically, you can choose to order the set alone for $24.99, or get the set and monthly subscription for $8 to start, plus $6.80 per month for additional shavers. However, starting today until October 14, you can get 20% off your purchases with code CNNJILL20.

  • Jill Starter Kit ($20, $24.99 originally; tryjill.com)
  • Gel Starter Kit + Monthly Shaving Plan ($6.40, original $8, plus $6.80 per month subscription; tryjill.com)
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The kit comes in a gorgeous pink tube that has “Gil” written on its side. Inside, you will find two blades with different angles. There is a small blade for your eyebrows and upper lip, a wide and flat blade for your cheeks and forehead, as well as a nice handle and a small “gunk pad”. Jill suggests shaving your face for epilation and exfoliation every two weeks, so if you subscribe, you’ll get new razors to keep up with this routine — Jill highly recommends razors only once.

Another thing you like about the Jill razor system? Reduce plastic and waste. Instead of buying a brand new razor and getting rid of everything every time you shave, you just replace the small blades before every shaving session – and it’s super easy; They pop in and out.

I followed directions, cleansing first, then applying a face oil (I used Orchid facial oil from herbal plants; You can also use shaving cream), tighten your facial skin and hold the blade at a 45-degree angle. Using short, gentle motions, you can gently run the edge of the blade against the surface of your face in the direction of your hair growth and then do any detail work needed on your eyebrows and upper lip with the smaller blade.

(If you have irritation, Dr. King suggests proceeding with caution, saying, “If you have active inflammation from conditions like eczema, acne, rosacea, or seborrheic dermatitis, then I would avoid sledding in these areas.” Also, avoid shaving over any raised moles.)

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I’m not particularly hairy, so the longer razor didn’t remove any hair; However, I could feel and see the dead skin being removed as I stroked my face with the razor. You can use the “sticky mop” cloth to clean the blade of skin and hair every few strokes. Since I needed a brow enhancement, I was excited to take the smaller blade to that area, and quickly remove the strays that grow between my brows.

I didn’t do the aftercare much after I finished shaving, because I used my regular face oil to keep my skin slippery while shaving. Since my skin felt so fresh, I used my regular gel moisturizer and started my daily makeup routine.

Tania Edwards/CNN

The gel promises more than just hair removal, and it’s a hit. “Dermaplaning provides gentle, physical exfoliation of the skin’s surface and removes fine hairs. It provides exfoliation benefits,” says Dr. King, and while I believed it, I wasn’t ready for the result. My skin felt smoother after just one use, and as Jill promised, my makeup went smoother. I usually spray my skin a little Caudalie Beauty Elixir And use a few drops of Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint To cover, and go on smoothly!

One of my concerns when trying a gel system was what it would do to my hair follicles. Specifically, will my hair grow more if I try to remove it? Jill says no, and Dr. King agrees. “This is a myth. The properties of hair are determined by the cells at the base of the hair follicle and you don’t alter their genetic programming by shaving. I think people believe that because of their experience with how straw feels after shaving, and it’s because of the cut edge of the hair.”

If you are looking for an easy way to deal with facial hair at home, or if you want to up your exfoliating game, generation The system is a great option. Since I first used the long gel razor, my skin has felt smoother and plumper, and I’ve continued to use the small razor to take care of my eyebrows. I’ll likely continue to see a professional who takes care of my eyebrows and skin in the long run, but between spa visits, Jill remains a part of my monthly routine.


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