Jeff Bezos went into space. Day 2: Blast off

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Jeff Bezos went into space. Day 2: Blast off

Just a few Months ago, Blue Origin, a space company that financed Jeff Bezos, did not anticipate a date on July 20, 2021. But that’s what happened.

That was the day Mary Wallace went to space.

Oh, yes, yes, Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos were in the capsule, along with 18-year-old Oliver Damien, the first paid space customer. And Jeff’s brother, whom he called “the most deviant man in space,” competed for the inauguration today in West Texas with a large number of experienced space reporters. (They have proof 2 funny astronauts Podcast hosted by Mike Massimino and Garrett Raceman.)

But while sending the world’s richest man into space is an amazing aspect, and the launch of commercial space tourism is a milestone, Wally Funk is automatic. In this story, which is told this week about a thousand media outlets and is serious, in 1960, Funk 13 was part of Mercury 13, the group trained to be the first female astronaut. But NASA will not sign the program, and for the past 60 years, Phoenix, an expert pilot and hard-working aviation safety investigator, has been obsessed with occupying the seat. In 2010, he signed on for ڈالر 200,000 on Richard Branson’s VSS UnityThe Virgin Galactic Suborbital flight is expected sometime in this decade. Disappointment never came close to its history. Then, out of the blue, Bezos made an offer to him at today’s New Shepherd launch.

the wireS. Steven Levy reports daily from Van Horn, Texas, where Jeff Bezos was one of the first passengers on Blue Origin’s New Shaper rocket system. You can read Sending here from day one.

As the world learned today, she was more than ready. His fellow crew members repeatedly claimed that the Octogener was the most ready and fit of them all, and that his energy was evident today. Even when the crew was stuck in the capsule waiting for the lift off, when someone forgave the slightest disturbance, she was impatiently moving towards the Kerman line. “I was charged,” he later said.

“We had a six-minute hold, and she was wondering what had been going on for so long,” Bezos said. “what’s the matter! We are burning daylight!

Certainly, when the New Shepherd flew and landed 65 miles into space, she was out of her seat, doing crazy panties. “Oh! I love it! I love it! She screamed as she and her crew looked at the Pelopolis Dance Tulip.

During the post-flight press conference, he owned the room since he walked on stage. (Considering that the room was a “warehouse”, a facility at Blue Origin Base was large enough to hold a New Shepherd Rocket behind it, it was saying something.) He stepped to the edge of the stage and spread his arms, a victory as bold as Megan Repino’s. Whenever she spoke, she stood up, held the mic to her face and extended her comment. The crowd, which included reporters, friends and staff, and Alan Shepard’s two daughters, ate.


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