Jeff Bezos goes into space. Day 1: Countdown

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Jeff Bezos goes into space. Day 1: Countdown

Still something important Is It’s happening here, and it’s all about Bezos. To me, including its own instruction in the New Shepherd’s first human flight passenger’s manifesto is like a kind of lender, and it deserves our attention. He is not only the richest man in the world, but probably. Is the most intelligent person. Whether you approve of their business practices or not, he created a powerful and innovative company that changed many lives, and he saw opportunities where others did not. Yes, because he enjoyed space travel as a teenager, but as an adult he has a regular demand that we take him seriously when he says that he is doing it for more than lifting the human soul. She is lifting Humans. That is why we are nowhere in the solar system when we say that our destiny – because Gaia is sick and cannot provide the resources to sustain us. When it comes to physically boarding a plane, it costs more than where it faces.

That is why the so-called competition with Branson, which has clearly changed the schedule of the Virgin Galactic testing, once it hears that Bezos will increase on July 20, is an undesirable disturbance for Bezos and the company. Blue Origin should have been stuck on the high ground. Instead, while publicly congratulating Branson, Blue made some crappy moves, specifically to claim it, while Virgin Galactic’s VSS unit achieved a height of 50 miles, which the FAA The source, known as space travel, is less than the “real” space, the 62-mile Crimson Line that its crew will cross the capsule. “We have no stars except the names of astronauts.” In a tweet. (For the record, Alan Shepard’s suburban flight was 116 miles 60 years ago, almost twice as high as Blue Origin.)

In fact, there is something Really Impressive tomorrow is happening: Vali Phonak is going into space. I am reading about his life which is a success, but a dark shadow. She was the youngest member of the original Mercury 13, a group of women recruited in 1960 for a private program to train astronauts. Funk endured every test, in some respects surpassing the performance of male astronauts among Mercury’s comrades. But when it came time to bring the program to NASA, the government simply shut it down. The House heard, and perhaps the most encouraging witness against women’s participation was John Glenn, who testified: “The fact that women are not in this field is a fact of our social system. It may be undesirable. ۔

The funk was never rejected. When NASA accepted the female astronauts, the qualifications changed, so it did not have a chance to win a place. He has spent his life training for the National Transportation Safety Board investigating pilots and aviation disasters. But the hole in his life was his failure to leave the environment. As time went on, he pinned all his hopes on Branson Unity. She was one of the first to commit to 200,000 seats on her version of Space Flight and became one of Virgin Galactic’s most benevolent customers, traveling thousands of miles as the company regularly offers ticket holders this. Assure that it still intends. Keep your promise Taking him away from Branson and including him on New Shepherd’s first human flight was a coup, and I can’t wait to hear from him tomorrow after I’ve been obsessed all my life.

On the other hand, if there was a Carmen line for inspiration, Oliver Damien would be chosen as the first paying customer. Funk had to wait 60 years for his flight, but Damon, 18, was lucky enough to have a father who runs a hedge fund, which bid a few million dollars at auction for an open seat. (Blue Origin is sending money to space-related nonprofits.) We don’t know what the money is, but the actual winner of the million 28 million bid came from an unknown participant, who was involved in a schedule dispute. Referred to, mysteriously received support a few days before the flight. (Are we really going to believe that someone promised 28 28 million to go into space without checking the calendar? More transparency, please tell us what the winning underbid was now. Also, Blue Origin When will the official price for future customers be announced? (Do you have to plan two more flights for this year?) Damon may be a good young man, and his father may be on his first passenger trip on a private company. Cool should be a great friend to buy a seat for your teenage son, but his involvement invites discussion. Parents, safety and privilege that I’m not sure Blue Origin wants to burn.


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