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Jayda Chiefs and Gregory Wright have reportedly been arrested in Jamaica

Mom, entrepreneur, and influencer Jayda Cheaves always does a big job when it’s time to party. Anything from parties to events and especially birthdays, whenever Jade and her crew gets out, it’s a spectacle! Over the weekend, I traveled to Jamaica On a private jet with Shane Justin, Greg, Des Dior and others to celebrate her 24th birthday. The crew documented the majority of the flight on Instagram and of course it was lit. However, with the trip coming to an end and the group planning to head back to the States, unfortunately, it looked like they ran into some trouble.

Jamaican broadcaster Dadrian Gordon revealed the alleged news on her Twitter account, claiming that Jaida was arrested after she and her friends tried to leave the country while they were carrying firearms. Jaida Chiefs was arrested on charges of using a weapon. Guns are licensed in the US but taken to Jamaica without permission.” A few hours later, she gave us an update Not only has Jayda been arrested, but Greg has been arrested as well. Dadrian tweeted, “Jada Chiefs and Gregory Wright have been charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition . They are booked to appear before the Western Regional Court on Wednesday.”

Without any word from Jayda or Greg, people started getting worried and sharing their concerns on Twitter. So much so that Jamaica and Jayda started trending on Twitter. Eventually, Jayda took to her Instagram story and apparently addressed the issues by writing, “Behave normally. I’m fine now, will.” Greg also shared a post on his Instagram story by sharing a prayer emoji. At the time, details about the alleged arrest were scant, but Dadrian shared more information that reportedly came from Jamaican authorities.

At this time, we can’t confirm the reports, but we are keeping an eye on it as more information emerges from Jamaican news outlets as this story is still developing!

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