For this assignment, you will create a fully dynamic table based on the parameters entered in the HTML form. پہلے First, you need to create a form that accepts the starting and ending numbers for both the horizontal (multiplication) and vertical (multiplication) axes of the multiplication table. • Second, you will use the numbers entered in the form to create a fully dynamic multiplication table. What you create is usually called a “single page web app” (or application).

Note that the numbers that go along the edge of the table and those that go up (multiplication and multiplication) are arbitrary. The purpose of this assignment is to create a program for you that can display the table with any arbitrary starting and ending numbers for multiplication and multiplication. Part of the human factor in this assignment is that there are many interesting things that can happen when users enter four numbers.

  1. Start by creating a form that asks the user to enter four numbers. Format your form well using CSS and other techniques.
  2. Next, when the submit button is pressed (clicked) add the javascript code to read these four numbers. Print out using the browser console or just insert them into a specific place on your page to make sure you are reading the numbers correctly.
  3. Now create your multiplication table using the numbers read from your form and place it in the desired position on your page. Initially, suppose all four numbers are correct. You will deal with the errors in the next step.
  4. Once you have your basic table generation code working properly and displaying the table using user-entered values, evaluate all the errors that users may make in their input and decide Find out how you are going to handle them. This is an important component of any dynamic web page depending on the data entered by the user.
  5. Examine your page carefully. Your table should still appear correctly when you change parameters. This is what we will do when we rate your program, so you should do it yourself and correct any issues before submitting your program for grading.
  6. Use CSS to style the table appropriately. The style used above is definitely the only way to do that. I definitely encourage you to be creative. Hint: The: nth-child () and other CSS3 pseudo-classes are especially useful for styling the top row and the left column. : nth-child () Here are some very helpful examples of pseudo-class.

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