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Well, it looks like Jason Sudeikis He enjoys a much-needed vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday, but he’s not doing it alone. The Ted Lasso The actor enjoying a vacation in Cabo San Lucas with co-stars Keeley Hazell and tThe two happily brag that their personal digital assistant is for everyone to see.

The couple strutted on the beach with Hazel in a hot pink bikini and sunglasses, and Sudeikis donned blue-striped shorts to dip their toes in the waves. There has been a lot of speculation about this transatlantic romance about whether they are still together or if the relationship has frayed in recent months. From the looks of the pictures (look at them Here), the romance between the duo is happy this festive season.

They first linked up in February, but a source downplayed their dating status the people. They said, “They’ve been dating for a while now.” “They are just having fun. Nothing serious at this point.” Even amid Hazell dating, Sudeikis was still trying to sort The end of his relationship with Olivia Wilde after nine years of dating And two children, son Otis, 7, and daughter Daisy, 4, said, “I will understand better why in a year.” GQ This summer, “and the best one out of two, the biggest one out of five, and it’s going from being, you know, the book of my life to chapter to paragraph to line to word doodle.”

Describing his public split as an “experience you learn from or make excuses for,” the Emmy winner is doing his best to “take some responsibility for it” and “keep [himself] Responsible for his role in the breakup with Wilde with his ex-wife Strongly in a relationship with Harry Styles And as his romance with Hazell blossomed, he seemed to be starting the process of moving on.

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