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Manchester United’s turnaround at Tottenham after their horror show against Liverpool was immediate and certain – but how exactly did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer turn his fortunes around?

This was the topic of conversation on Monday Night FootballJamie Carragher dissected United’s 3-0 pressure at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium that took the pressure off Solskjaer after last Sunday’s humiliating 5-0 defeat to Liverpool.

United’s turnaround was evident for Carragher in the opening minute on Saturday, as Solskjaer’s side pressed hard as a unit within a resurgent 3-5-2 formation that laid the foundations for an enhanced win.

“There has been talk that Manchester United can’t press high, that they don’t have the players to do that. I don’t necessarily agree with that; a team has to be able to press high at times and drop at other times. That’s what it is,” Carragher said. Manchester United did really well at Tottenham.”

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“In the first half, before they took the initiative, United were aggressive, up front, and pressed high. The second half they fell back because the goal changed the game, and they went to two more goals on the counter from a deeper position. But in the first half Manchester United pressed high.

Liverpool and Tottenham shine in contrast

Against Liverpool at Old Trafford, Manchester United got it wrong in journalistic terms. For Liverpool’s first goal, Bruno Fernandes made a ridiculous decision and was doubled down by Mason Greenwood, who was nine yards from the ball.

green wood
The ripple effect of the individual press of Bruno Fernandes has been mercilessly punished by Liverpool

“Then Aaron Wan-Bissaka made a ridiculous decision, he was 12 yards off the ball and not everyone got caught anywhere near the Liverpool player. There was the first mistake, and then it was compounded by every other player.

‘United were cohesive and aggressive at Tottenham’

“United changed the Tottenham system, you would expect them to be more organized and responsive, after all, this team had a lot of criticism. Immediately you can split the two into two, they had seven organized players, and three forwards were pushed.

Manchester United at Spurs
In the first minute, Man United were presenting a completely different defensive display than they were against Liverpool

“With less than a minute on the clock, you could immediately see the reaction. Edinson Cavani was fantastic, his decision to go and dealing with the press was aggressive and he sped off, Harry Maguire followed suit. United were ahead by foot directly above Tottenham.

“In the first minute, there were six Manchester United players in the 12×12 area, together, compact, aggressive – everything was against Liverpool. There was no doubt that they wanted to make such a fast, strong start and put Spurs under pressure.

Man United fished together as one throughout Tottenham’s win on Saturday

“There was talk that Manchester United could only defend deep, but they weren’t deep in Tottenham. They played halfway, the front three were pushed right on the edge of the Tottenham box, and when anything went too long, Maguire was devoured by Raphael Varane and Victor Lindelof. .

“The opening goal was definitely a performance. As the Tottenham defender headed the ball net, Varane was ahead of Harry Kane, and Varane and Ronaldo were 21 yards apart.

Varani to Ronaldo
The distance between the last defender and Manchester United striker was compressed and narrow as Tottenham choked
press 2

“This was not a team that defended deeply, it was a team up front, high and aggressive, as well as tight and pressed. It was like watching Manchester City, Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham Hotspur, Jurgen Klopp led by Liverpool, up front with everyone. 10 players off the field together, combined. .

“Because Maguire was high, he kept the attack alive, and that’s where the first goal came from as Fernandes’ superb pass was passed by Ronaldo.

“Manchester United were fantastic. I know there’s been a lot of talk since then about how weak Spurs are, but we can’t criticize United for conceding five goals at home against Liverpool, looking all over, and then going to Spurs and stopping them opposing a shot on goal.

“Any far ground in the Premier League is a tough game, so you can’t keep looking at Tottenham, he was really good from Manchester United.”

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