Jake Paul sparked an angry reaction from Tommy Fury as YouTube indicated he might fight his British rival next | boxing news

Jake Paul sparked an angry reaction from Tommy Fury as the YouTuber admitted that he plans to settle his feud with the British rival in his next fight.

The social media star aims to increase his unbeaten boxing record to four wins when he faces former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley, in Cleveland on Sunday.

But Paul was joined on stage by Fury, who fought Anthony Taylor on the bottom card this weekend, and the duo quickly reignited their rivalry.

Paul stopped his three opponents

Fury insisted he was focusing on Taylor, saying, “Jake Paul didn’t even cross my mind.

“I didn’t think about it. I don’t think about it.

“The only guy I have ever thought of and been thinking about throughout this boot camp is Anthony Taylor.

“Sunday night, I’ll get the job done and whatever else is waiting for us, we can think about after that.

“Until then, this man is cast out of the cold.”

Tommy Fury
Fury makes his US debut in Cleveland

But Bull responded by revealing his full intent to fight a future fight with Fury, who is yet to be defeated in six rounds.

“No, when I know what is going to happen, when I am confident in my skill, I am already thinking about the next competitor,” he said.

“Why do you think this guy is sitting behind me now?”

Fury replied to Paul, “It’s your time. Don’t say my name out of that trash mouth.”

Paul replied, “When you know what’s going to happen, it’s easy. This is an easy sport.”

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