Jake Gyllenhaal: Sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston were ‘awkward’ and ‘weirdly mechanical’ | Ents & Arts News

Jake Gyllenhaal admitted that filming sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston for The Good Girl was “embarrassing.”

The couple starred in the 2002 film about a married small-town Texas shop worker who has an affair with her co-worker.

Gyllenhaal discussed filming the intimate scenes with the Friends star during this week’s interview on The Howard Stern Show.

When the American radio presenter asked him if it was “torture” to participate in sex scenes with Aniston, Gyllenhaal joked, “Oh, yeah. It was torture. Yes, yes it was. But it wasn’t torture either. I mean, come on, it was. More like a mixture of the two.”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston starred in The Good Girl in 2002

Gyllenhaal, 40, said, “Weirdly, the love scenes are awkward, because maybe there’s 30 or 50 people watching? Maybe if it’s a closed set, maybe less. It doesn’t excite me.”

“It’s weirdly mechanical. It’s also a choreography, you’re choreographing for a camera.”

Filming a sex scene, he explained, is like “a fight scene, you have to model this stuff.”

The Brokeback Mountain star said Aniston, 52, was “very nice” and offered to use a pillow when filming the sex scenes.

“Pillow technology was used,” he admitted, noting that the two characters did a lot of “box making in the back room.”

“That was only precautionary and it’s generally always used when it’s in a landscape setting in that movie.”

He added, “I think that was actually a suggestion from Jennifer, she was very kind to suggesting it before we started. She was like, ‘I’m putting a pillow in here.'”

Gyllenhaal appeared on the radio show to promote his new movie on Netflix, The Guilty.

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