Jaguars coach Urban Meyer says there is ‘no chance’ of landing in USC – The Denver Post

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Mayer says “there’s no chance” as he takes the open job in Southern California.

“I’m here and I’m committed to trying to build an organization,” Meyer added.

Mayer’s name was immediately linked to the USC after it fired the Trojan horse Clay Hilton on Monday. Mayer has had success at every college stop, building winners at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State. He won two national championships with the Gators (2006, 2008) and one with the Buckeyes (2014).

He resigned after the 2018 season and spent two years working as a college football analyst at Fox Sports. Jaguar owner Shad Kahn convinced him to return to the sidelines in an effort to offer a steady contender in Jacksonville.

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